Katri and Janne want to make a trip, which none of their friends have made. They end up in Jakomäki.

Katri and Janne want to make a trip, which none of their friends have made. They end up in Jakomäki. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin P (nl) wrote: Een potje cluedo spelen is een gecompliceerder, onvoorspelbaarder en leuker dan wat deze film je zult serveren.

Gordon H (nl) wrote: A Sweeping But Slow-Paced Epic!Originally written January 17, 2012--Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and his beloved horse, Joey, live on a farm in the British countryside. At the outbreak of World War I, Albert and Joey are forcibly parted when Albert's father sells the horse to the British cavalry. Against the backdrop of the Great War, Joey begins an odyssey full of danger, joy and sorrow, and he transforms everyone he meets along the way. Meanwhile Albert, unable to forget his equine friend, searches the battlefields of France to find Joey and bring him home.The latest from Steven Spielberg is good, but not great, in my opinion. I'm sure he will be nominated for a Best Director Academy Award and the film itself will be nominated for Best Picture, but I found it extremely slow-paced. Still, the cinematography was beautiful and John Williams, as ever, delivered a fantastic score. I'll give it four out of five stars.

Kunal D (nl) wrote: A bit silly but underrated

Alison G (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first movie. The first two stories were decent and believable, but the third with Ellen Degeneres and Sharon Stone was just absurd. Unfortunately the third story is the one that sticks in your mind and leaves the impression and it just fell flat. This film would be much more satisfying if the third segment was removed completely.

Timothy S (gb) wrote: Once again, another film I had to watch in Catholic school.

Baurushan J (fr) wrote: While many people may hate this movie, For me, It actually did quite well. The story is about Cheryl Lynn Austin who after having rough sex is found murdered from being strangled at the US offices of a Japanese corporation. police Captain Webster Smith and John Connor who is an expert in Japanese culture are sent to investigate the murder (please no Terminator references nor jokes allowed). They investigate the murder along with police Lieutenant Tom Graham played by Harvey Keitel and video expert Jingo played by Tia Carrere and with everyone wanting this case to be closed, they find out that the footage they found of the murderer was altered and the real murderer is still hiding somewhere. Overall, this was a general action movie but was a great mystery movie and you need to be in great focus to like this film. Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes make a great duo. I want Sean to come back in another future movie and if Wesley does appear in The Expendables 3, that would be awesome after he is now released from prison from his tax conviction. Rising Sun gets a 7/10.

Felipe F (br) wrote: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane ? staggers a lot on the suspense, although a powerful plot twist and remarkable performances from Bette Davis and Joan Crawford grant the film a cult status.

Nicolas S (ag) wrote: L'element fantastique est finalement peu present mais ca le fait

Jason A (us) wrote: Thoroughly cheesy but still kinda enjoyable nature-strikes-back horror film from the early '70s, featuring some slumming Hollywood stars. There is even a semi-decent allegory tucked in here if you look hard enough.

Kwong C (gb) wrote: I was quite puzzled with the scene where Miss G visiting a bakery; she acted so differently. It reminds me a little of the movie Shawshank Redemption; the school is like the prision

Jennifer T (ag) wrote: Informative. Interesting. I enjoyed it. "Killing Kennedy" is a must-see for anyone who is interested about JFK. Nice cast.

Ryan L (ca) wrote: Really bad but kind of entertaining. Definitely a movie that could have used the MST3K treatment. But it gets some points for having W.A.S.P. in it.