Uptown New York

Uptown New York

Jack Oakie plays Eddie Doyle, a gumball machine salesman who marries Pat Smith (Shirley Grey) knowing full well that the girl is on the rebound from a failed romance with aspiring Jewish doctor Max Silver (Leon Ames). But when Pat is nearly killed in an effort to protect her husband's gumball machines from hoodlums and is in need of a lifesaving operation, Eddie calls on Dr. Max

A human story of a girl who was... just human - by Vina Delmar author of "Bad Girl" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aoi T (es) wrote: i loved it! the ending was a little rushed but other than that my ships have been sailed and it was amazing

Nilufer R (nl) wrote: I didn't really know what to expect from this movie so when it started like a romantic drama, a slow European movie, I was in the mood immediately however it turned out to be a solid crime/thriller which I enjoyed very much.

Asif H (us) wrote: Every Rohit Shetty directed film I have seen so far I have enjoyed thoroughly, they include the `Golmaal` movies, `All the Best` and `Singham`. Incidentally, they all star Ajay Devgan. This film, however just does not live up to the other films. It was not a bad film, but it just pales in comparison to the film mentioned.

Diego T (nl) wrote: It kind of loses its focus towards the end, but this is one damn fun re-imagining of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Full review soon.

Yul E (mx) wrote: WHY??????????? Why do sequels that diminish the original material?

Darinette R (nl) wrote: Es bn mierda... Grax a dios q la vi x youtube xq si no hubiera perdido el dinero... Lo unico bueno es q sale Genaro el de Sanky Panky pokito pero sale :P

Uriel G (nl) wrote: With a perfect cinematography that captures the total essence of the original work,"Sin City" is the proof that violence, great visuals and a good screeplay can fit in the best way possible.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: I saw this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck Michigan. The Flyboys is a wonderful adventure film starring two young talented actors Jesse James and Reiley McClendon. Kyle (McClendon) is the new kid in town and after a little trouble on his first day of school, he befriends Jason (James). Jason's uncle works on and flies small airplanes, and after Jason and Kyle get a little taste of flying in planes, they want more. Soon, Jason and Kyle unexpectedly get on board a plane that is carrying a bomb. This is just the set up of the very entertaining film. The whole cast is great, Tom Sizemore and Stephen Baldwin are great together, and the side characters are also very impressive. There were also some very exhilarating moments throughout, even a simple scene involving kids being chased by a bully was made into a thrilling moments. The score is perfect in the film adding to the acting and excitement. And I particularly loved the use of sound during the final action sequence in the film. After having seen over a dozen films at the Waterfront Film Festival, this was the final film I saw and it was definitely my favorite one. The entire audience was having a blast watching it. There were numerous bursts of applause for many scenes and a lot of laughs throughout. Everyone had a great time. The Flyboys is sure to please everyone, it's fun, funny, and an overall great picture. Be sure to check this one out. See this film then spread the word.

Mike B (kr) wrote: ok soo bad it's good film, but not as memrable or note worthey as some other ed wood fair


Cole B (nl) wrote: A slow and boring western that is way too proud of itself to see its own follies. Portrayal of Indians and women is quite sad. True, it is from '39, but I don't really think that's an excuse.