Summer 1969. Dictatorship. In a small country town, young Achileas breaks his leg by falling off the yard wall of the local cinema. He wanted to see Brigit Bardot naked... However, during his visit to the city to treat his broken leg, for the first time in his life he sees a television! The program informs about the launching of Apollo to the moon. The idea of the launching becomes Achileas' obsession and along with his friends they collect money, in order to purchase a TV set. However, soon, the dilemma becomes imperative. Will they buy a television or "visit" all together Uranya in order to be taught the secrets of love?

Summer 1969. Dictatorship. In a small country town, young Achileas breaks his leg by falling off the yard wall of the local cinema. He wanted to see Brigit Bardo naked... However, during ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Uranya torrent reviews

Christer A (au) wrote: Good. I was positively surprised by this film. Ill come back with a proper Review in a while.

Mark N (br) wrote: Despite being beautifully atmospheric of period Shanghai the story itself is mind numbingly uninteresting and while Cusack is a fine actor his one tone demeanor and facial expression fails to fill the void.

Shirome T (au) wrote: A very delicate and soft, but a classsssssic film!!!

Alex K (nl) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Red L (ag) wrote: I found this a gripping movie. Life is not easy for Holocaust survivors. We follow the life of a Jakob who looses he parents and sister to the Nazi's. He has troubles letting his memories go - he needs to retain them, but not forgetting means he cannot love. The acting by Robbie Kay who played Jakob as a nine year old was amazing.

Courtney C (kr) wrote: Le Petit Lieutenant may show how things are really done in police stations around the world, but without the action and suspense of typical policing movies. The movie takes a long time to get into the main action of the story, and it's hard to get excited about what's happening. It does, however, show viewers that being a police officer is not always about high-speed chases and tense hostage situations. Overall, the movie lacks any type of excitement, and I found myself fighting to stay awake. It may be realistic, but realism won't get you to the top of the box office.

Leo L (nl) wrote: An interesting movie with a good story plot that follows unrequited love. Anjali and Raja are deeply in love, and both have the approval of Anjali's sister, Aarti. Aarti loses her life in childbirth and leaves behind her twin daughters. Anjali and Aarti's parents think its best that Anjali marries Aditja, and help raise the twin babies. Leaving behind Raja, she does so and it is years later that she sees him again. It is a decision that she has to make: to stay with her family, or to seek her own happiness. Great cast- Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, and Sushmita Sen. Good music. Worth seeing.

Matt M (mx) wrote: Zeffirelli, who had worked with Callas on numerous occasions, makes this work out of love for his muse. The film is based around a what if situation: what if a filmmaker had asked her to film a version of her own version of the Carmen using audio from a previously recorded performance. The film however does not rank among the filmmaker's best, his personal feelings do not really translate so well to an audience, though the photography is still masterful and the art direction a treat.

Gabriel P (kr) wrote: de esas de 3am en fin de semana

Private U (ag) wrote: Can't believe there are no other reviews for this! A brilliant historical epic, a portrait of a tortured mind and a study of a changing world....what's not to like?!

Mike A (kr) wrote: Not one of Hitch's best. Tippi & Connery are very good but the psychology aspect is a bit weak.