Urban Flesh

Urban Flesh

A police inspector pursues a band of cannibals rampaging through a city.

Four cannibals hunting in the city. One cop out to stop them. The nightmare of every regular citizens... Inspector Vincent Blake is in charge of capturing a group of cannibal murderers who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Urban Flesh torrent reviews

Rolf K (gb) wrote: Brutal and original....brutally original

Kristina K (jp) wrote: I put this movie on because I wanted to see Norman Reedus for the minute he's there. I thought it'll be a total waste, the beginning was slow and uninteresting, but then it got better. Don't know about the acting, but they delivered the message.

Tyana S (es) wrote: I want to see this. how do you watch the movie

Benjamin N (ca) wrote: Very enjoyable Italian Gothic horror.

Bill B (ca) wrote: Another MST3K selection, and I enjoyed their version of it, especially because from what was portrayed, I feel as if the regular cut of the film might drag quite a bit.Rental?