Urban Games

Urban Games

Web loses his brother in an extreme sports accident. When he learns it may have been murder he searches, from America to his ancestral home in China, pursuing answers and vengeance.

The movie revolves around the lives of generations of youth in modern society, but they were confined by their families and placed into “steel molds” of traditional customs. Instead of fulfilling the passion of its own, each of them has to choose their families, love and career. This is a really meaningful which is expected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy P (ru) wrote: Just another attempt to create a female centric "Boogie Nights."

Matthew L (ru) wrote: Strange, modernist artist Anselm Kiefer gets a strange modernist documentary in this abstract appreciation of his work in an abandoned silk factory in Barjac, France. Like something out of a post-apocalyptic landscape, his work rises up like derelict buildings from the ashes. Mostly observational, but also incredibly dry, the film alternates between beautiful tracking shots and aimless moments of languid tedium.

Felix R (it) wrote: The movie is a little above averaj! It looked kind of low budget, and acting was not that good. However, it's a funny, wild, and very entertaining movie, with a twist. This film is pretty DAMAAJJJJJ!!!!!

Clint D (ca) wrote: As in any good documentary, some of the figures are sad and others are triumphant but the movie as a whole offers a great look at a now overlooked sport that was once bigger than football in the States. The championship match game at the end offers enough drama to keep you glued to tv and I pretty much want Steve Miller to speak at every event I attend from now on.

Adam R (mx) wrote: Adventurous and entertaining. It falls a bit short of being a Disney classic, but not for a lack of quality storytelling. The songs by Phil Collins are decent, but not anywhere near as good as what he wrote for Tarzan. A couple of the supporting characters, Rutt and Tuke, were too annoying and served no purpose. Overall, I found it enjoyable though. It was more emotional than I expected. Perhaps I will come to appreciate it even more with more viewings. (First and only full viewing - 10/5/2009)

p b (us) wrote: Stephen Baldwin... Say no more, say no more. Well this is a bad, bad movie, but I did see it through though ;)

Jon M (de) wrote: wow.....could have been good. ended up being so bad

John C (jp) wrote: Watch 28 days/weeks later

Prattay S (fr) wrote: the ending wasn't that good

Marsha K (kr) wrote: We just returned from FREETOWN. We thoroughly enjoyed the story of faith and courage. There are better cinemotography, better acting (though I thought they were very convincing) but this wasn't about that, it was about the real people who went through real trial for their faith. There needs to be more of this kind of uplifting entertainment. It didn't feel didactic, but humble and honest as they could make it. I'd recommend it to anyone who is caught up in first-world problems. It puts a lot into perspective.

Bill C (es) wrote: Cliched and simplistic (especially Guy Pearce); earnest (especially Guy Pearce) but never convincing (especially Guy Pearce). Don Cheadle is wasted here; I'm surprised he was able to stay awake. Nothing about this film works (especially Guy Pearce).

Anthony I (nl) wrote: Vanilla Sky is what happens when a great director wins an award, gets surrounded by Yes men, and gets the opportunity to have full reign of his dream project. This has vanity project written all over it. It's just gobbledygook. I understand why people hate this movie. Cameron Crowe really didn't care if this movie polarized his audience, and it astoundingly did so. But, the people that liked it, to my estimation, either looked into it too deeply, understood it's intentions or just laughed at how utterly incomprehensible it was. I gave it a chance, and I was oddly entertained by it. At times I couldn't believe what I was watching, but I had to keep going. I feel aggravated, but accomplished for having watched it. Cameron Crowe has unfortunately never made a decent movie again after this. You can see that it's his tipping point. Pretension and sticky saccharine gloop practically are pouring out of the seams, about to burst. I'd like to get a Life Extension, and dream that Cameron Crowe still makes good movies like Almost Famous.

Paul M (jp) wrote: Feels like an indulgent mess that couldn't be saved in the edit.