Urban Legend

Urban Legend

There's a campus killer on the loose who's making urban legends, like the one about eating pop rocks and soda at the same time will make your stomach explode and the one about a psycho with an axe stepping into the backseat of your car at the gas station when not looking, into reality.

A college student suspects a series of bizarre deaths are connected to certain urban legends, the one about a psycho with an axe stepping into the backseat of your car at the gas station when not looking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodney S (ca) wrote: Oh boy, where to start with this one. This is absolutely one of the best and sickest movies I have seen for awhile, for a low-budget movie. It's about a rural family that the children, the oldest boy, youngest boy, and in the middle is Izzy, the sister that goes completely berserk after her oldest brother joins the military, are living since their Parents died. Izzy is a short gal, that was schooled by her brother in some martial arts, and turns into a killing machine. First off is a school bus, full of students and nuns, and Izzy kills them all and pisses on a Nun. Then she kidnaps a couple of boys that have been bullying her brother, by forcing the main bully to kill the other two. That boy and a couple end up tied up in the families barn, and that's where the movie goes to a different level of torture and one particular scene that completely blew me away for being so decadent and extremely shocking. "Sick Girl" is so over the top, with some of the most sadistic scenes I have ever seen, and delivers them with no remorse and in graphic detail. I have to admit, I was expecting this movie to be a cheapo, that was predictable but something I might like. It was way way beyond that, and for an old gorehound like me, I couldn't believe the extreme direction the movie takes. It sets up also for a sequel, that they absolutely have to make. Izzy is such an insane killing machine, that one movie is not enuff for this character. I kept looking for the teaser trailer scene of her blowing away a movie audience because they were annoying her, but that scene is not in the movie. It is however in the Special Features, and could be in a sequel very easily. I absolutely loved this extreme and graphic thriller, it shocked the hell out of me. There is plenty there for gorehounds too, I think the gorehound fans will like it, but far more that gore, the movie is just down right nasty. Nothing is held back, Izzy is a homicidal maniac, and I could not recommend this tasty little movie any higher. This is a must-see for anybody that has the same demented taste in movies as me.

Katrina H (ag) wrote: Still somewhat unclear on what kind of animal they were becomeing but there was alot of hot sex scenes this I am sure of. Overall actually pretty good.

Christopher L (mx) wrote: not what the show was at all...the funniest part is the littlest cockroach..and stuff here and there...be warned the show is classic this movie is misleading taking place in Canada (why lala wood) with really no interviews..martin shorts awesome but this movie has no plot and stinks.one of the worst movies you'll see

James M (fr) wrote: Lame odd-couple sitcom stuff.

Cameron G (nl) wrote: soooooooo boring....

Bronte M (mx) wrote: It's a refreshingly realistic film of peoples relationships; with their jobs, with themselves and with one another. It's not a timeless classic, but definitely an easy-on-the-eyes piece with a nice message.

Kevin C (nl) wrote: A great B-western. Obviously, it lacks the suspense/mystery it would've invoked back in 1934, but it's still well-acted and highly entertaining.

Brett C (gb) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Grey Gardens is a fascinating documentary about these two women, a mother and her daughter, living in a poorly conditioned home. The film objectively documents their relationship and current lifestyle, but within the gaps finds the core heart of these individuals, dwelling about the past and how their decisions have impacted their future. The film does a great job in keeping the film's emotions feel genuine, driven mostly by its dialogue. The film also resolved itself appropriately; maintaining my interest, wanting to go back and find the subtlety of these characters. I have kept this review short due to my inefficiency and lack of experience in reviewing documentaries. All in all, watch this film for its absorbing characters and hard hitting dialogue.

Greg W (kr) wrote: a funny black comedy from whit stillman