Urban Menace

Urban Menace

An insane preacher seeks retribution from the local crime syndicate for the violent death of his family and the burning of his church in a horrendous ghetto crime spree.

An insane preacher (Snoop Dogg) seeks retribution from the local crime syndicate (Big Pun & Fat Joe) for the death of his family and the burning of his church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (kr) wrote: Great doc. Saw it with my 7 year old son and we had a great time. No golf experience necessary to enjoy.

Devils A (ru) wrote: horrifically bad filmthe voice over was the worst I've ever heard. it made a terrible film even worse!

Rune B (ca) wrote: Det e jo lagt for ungar, og e derfor relativt enkelt og ukomplisert, men det e ngen flotte grep s hinte mot voksnare filmar her, og skikkeligt lgne yeblikk og scenar. Og masse sjarm.

Karlo M (fr) wrote: Director Hsiao-hsien Hou manages to pay a respectful homage to Albert Lamorisse's classic "Le ballon Rouge". Beautifully executed navel gazer.

Dan J (it) wrote: Para mi esta pelcula es un verdadero fiasco, esperaba muchsimo mas de Cuaron, Luna, y tambin de Bernal.

Jayy B (it) wrote: This thang is so funny

Josh M (jp) wrote: Yankee Doodle Dandy is a cliche packed, guilty pleasure, made sublime by the galvanic performance of James Cagney as song and dance man George M. Cohan. Directed by the capable Michael Curtiz, who could apparently direct anything, it also has gorgeous B & W cinematography from the great James Wong Howe and wonderful supporting performances by some great Warner Brothers contract players like Walter Huston, S.Z. Sakall (Carl from Casablanca) and Cagney's sister Jeanne playing his movie sister.The main reason to see this is for the joyful musical numbers, in particular, the title song, Give My Regards to Broadway, and It's a Grand Ol' Flag. Cagney doesn't even try to sing but spits out the lyrics with bravado and hoofs so engagingly that you can't take your eyes off him. He's no Fred Astaire, but he has such a wonderful fluid style and such a compact, lithe athleticism that he's just as watchable. The overblown chorus numbers are crackling entertainment, but be warned that they are not even half of the film's running length, so you'd have to skip through your DVD menu to avoid the schmaltzy and often maudlin scenes, like the elder Cohan's deathbed scene, which I ate up for dinner, but are for old movie fans only.Cohan comes off as arrogant and self-absorbed, but Cagney infuses him with humanity and warmth, so we can see why his family, friends and business associates might put up with him. I have no idea how accurate YDD is to reality, apparently Cohan was a nasty fellow who tried to bust the actor's union and had a savage cruel streak. Not here.The drama such as it is, has all the essential show biz bio flick scenes: the early struggling years, the hero's comeuppance, huge success straining the personal relationships, and the decline when the hero is considered a relic of the past, culminating in a big unexpected comeback. The film is book ended by a visit when Cohan is summoned to the White House by Roosevelt, where he related his life story to the President, who seems to have a lot of time to listen (the two hour length of the movie) especially during WWII, where you'd think the man might have more pressing concerns. This is not at the top level of the great old musical bio flicks, but it's lots of fun. It's really not much without Cagney, and fortunately this film offers a heaping helping of him.

James H (us) wrote: Enjoyable nonsense, with some great skits and the car chase scene at the end is a real classic. Some fun musical numbers, good cast, especially W.C.Fields and Margaret Dumont.

Rea K (us) wrote: Completely agree with critics' 0 score !!!Wasted 40 minutes watching it, cut my losses and left !''

Martin P (es) wrote: As Christmas classics go, this is best avoided!