Returning home after difficult negotiations with potential customers, an employee of the Los Angeles-based pharmaceutical company, Tony West realizes that his wife is captured, while its unit and return home unscathed criminals require $ 50,000 in the next half hour. Doomed to hear Tony goes in search of money, but soon realizes that the kidnapping was not connected with the money …

Tony is in a race against time to save his kidnapped wife before she is murdered but as he unravels the mystery behind her abduction he discovers they are after more than money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Urgency torrent reviews

Plat R (ru) wrote: If you hate blood don't watch

Martin G (de) wrote: Kristen Stewart cherche videmment s'loigner de son rle de Bella Swan (et avec raison) et prouve avec Camp X-Ray qu'elle peut tre une excellente actrice.

Jamie C (es) wrote: After the success of Family Guy and Ted we all pretty much had high hopes for Seth MacFarlanes first on screen lead role but I must admit although funny in places it just didn't live up to what I expected, Some clever bits mostly silly bits and relies on fart jokes and never really strays far from Family Guy roots, It's pretty good but not enough laughs for me.

WS W (gb) wrote: Slightly better than the prequel.

Shane D (gb) wrote: This is more like it. One of my favourite Pixar shorts by a mile. Its a visually stunning piece. Pixar = Greatness.

Paul C (mx) wrote: It seems like they were trying for a low-budget Lynchian mystery, but something about it didn't quite work for me.

Poul F (nl) wrote: A very flawed but fun british gangster flick.

Munmun R (ca) wrote: One of Jolie's movies @ the beginning and still the best! Worth the complete 2 hour. It was unreal. Immaculate acting. No one could have done it better than her.

Abigail D (kr) wrote: A lovely, gentle film.

Mickael D (es) wrote: Des victimes de la societe et des mentalites qu'elle engendre. Ce film raconte leur histoire, de maniere brutale, et rarement avec l'espoir. L'histoire de la jeune lyceenne est ma preferee.

Serge L (es) wrote: A psychopathic mother of two can't stand home life anymore and hookup with a lazy imbecile that found a gun on the side of the road. The gun was actually lost by the policeman that happens to be the dad of the psychopath mom. The pair is awfully inept at being bad as much as they were at being good. Funnily, all the african-americans in the film are more intelligent and law abiding than the whities. Digitally enhanced make the film's colours look normal.