Urnebesna tragedija

Urnebesna tragedija

In a way of protesting for inhuman living conditions and the shortage of medications caused by the disintegration of Yugoslavia and its sanctions, a doctor in a hospital decides to close ...

In a way of protesting for inhuman living conditions and the shortage of medications caused by the disintegration of Yugoslavia and its sanctions, a doctor in a hospital decides to close ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark L (br) wrote: I loved this. Absolutely stupid from beginning to end, and the only reason I didn't rate it higher is an unfortunate bit of homophobia here and there. The rest of it is just great, the Insane Clown Posse and their friends tell a Western tale, but don't bother talking or acting remotely like people from back then.

Aditya B (de) wrote: The movie had no story and the quality of the movie was a very shabby, especially when murray comes and discuses her issues that removes the purpose of the movie, i think richards(kipp dick) and johny awesome(brian drolet) were doing a pretty good acting but Holden( torriero) and the girls acted horrible. Altogether many minus points were there which caused the movie to suck in a way.

Mloy X (jp) wrote: President Staton (Dennis Quaid): Did you know there are two kinds of Iraqistanis? [the First Lady holds up three fingers] President Staton(Dennis Quaid): I mean, actually, three? Chief of Staff (Willem Dafoe): You mean Sunnis and Shi'ites and Kurds? President Staton(Dennis Quaid): You knew about this?This was kind of stupid. I guess if I had watched when it was a bit more significant, I would easily find the irony funny-- like the president being closely patterened after George W. Bush, Willem Dafore's character's physical similarities to VP Dick Chaney, how the singing competition was obviously a spoof of American Idol with Hugh Grant's character loosely based on Simon Cowell. Hahaha....it is all pretty tongue and cheek and cutesy... had I seen it when it first came out in 2002.

Ben T (br) wrote: "Talladega Nights" is a hilarious comedy with a fun story, hysterical script, and great cast, with one of my favorite Will Ferrell performances.

Tom W (us) wrote: I watched this film for a piece of coursework for my A-level film studies and whilst it's not really my type of movie, I really enjoyed it. It seems to start like any other film about gangs and youths and the like, except it seems to actually having a gripping story and you can really see the characters develop throughout the film. The film is the story of Ricky Gordon, a male in his early Twentys, he has just come out of jail and he decides to make a new start with his family, however his best friend Wisdom just wants to go round causing trouble with other gangs and when he gets Ricky involved they end up both getting into trouble. If I were to pick one fault with the film it would be that at some points, it can become slightly predictable, and without spoiling it, when Ricky's brother and his friend were playing in the woods, I think we could all see what was coming, but other than that, you should definitely consider watching this film, even if you don't think it is your kind of film.

John C (kr) wrote: I love this film. who thought a movie about soccer fans fighting against other soccer fans and kicking the crapo out of each other would be so raw, almost brilliant and entertaining. Who thought frodo could beat people up and the guy from sons of anarchy can be so out of control. It is not for everyone but i just cant say anything bad about this movie but to go and see it for yourself. A must see

dustin o (nl) wrote: one bully and one victim in that case it's bully time

Joetaeb D (nl) wrote: Quite possibly one of the most disturbing yet funny horror comedies I've seen in a while.

Eric B (jp) wrote: "Sans Soleil" deserves academic respect, but this is among the most exasperatingly tedious films I've ever sat through. At least it's unusual -- the most apt comparison may be "Koyaaniqatsi," as director Chris Marker's camera roams through Japan, Guinea-Bissau, Iceland, Paris and San Francisco capturing documentary glimpses of local culture. Ceremonial rites of Tokyo are especially prominent. As with "Koyaaniqatsi," the film is artfully detached and stresses editing rhythm as much as thematic content. No problem so far, but then comes the narration. You'll never see a movie where you wish so much that the narrator would simply shut her yap. The text takes the stilted form of a monotone female quoting letters from a fictionalized cameraman, so the ideas are constantly prefaced with "He wrote that..." and "He wrote me that...." This tic grows old fast. And all the heady philosophizing (memory over time is the dominant motif) is so maddeningly dense and persistent that the accompanying images never get a chance to breathe. What an exhausting film. And unlike "Koyaaniqatsi," it doesn't even have a strong score. Little beyond bubbling synthesizer effects.A caution to sensitive parties: Some borrowed footage of a giraffe being gunned down is extremely disturbing.

Adryan G (fr) wrote: This is not a pop film. If you don't love the avante garde, if you don't enjoy the perversity of peeling layer after layer away from a film, this isn't for you. Fassbinder takes all the conventions of good taste and . . . well, I guess I'll just say that this film is the smartest, most disturbing pornography I can imagine. If you're new to Fassbinder, start with something a bit more accessible and plot-driven, such as The Marriage of Maria Braun.

Boga R (ca) wrote: cinematografia, edicion, dialogos recomendable.

Steve A (kr) wrote: One of my least favorite movies of all time. The story is horrible just like the actors. Daniel Penn looks like a guy with down syndrome. The only part I found interesting when I was a teen is the part where Marissa Tomei takes her top off for a split second to go skinny dipping. The soundtrack is attrocious with only two good songs that are only featured at the end during credits-Julian Lennon doing Stand By Me and Peter Frampton doing a great song written for the movie called Distant Drums. Final Answer: Avoid like the plaque!