• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:37 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Urospredere 2009 full movies, Urospredere torrents movie

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Urospredere torrent reviews

Ukraina C (us) wrote: ???? ????? ???? ?? ???????? ?????????????? ?????????? ?????????????, ????? ??????????? ???????? ???????? ??????????????? ????? ????????????? ??????????? (??) ? ????????????? ??????????? (??)... ??????? ??? ??? ??????, ??? ????? ??? ???? ??? ? ???? ?? 2-? ???????????

Emi S (ca) wrote: basically don't do anything bad or illegal.

Paul D (es) wrote: Preferred Death Proof over Planet Terror. Have reviewed both separately.

Darwin K (ru) wrote: would've rated the film higher if Damon wayans wasn't the lead. morally & visually sets itself apart from other movies of the time.

Alex S (fr) wrote: A film about a certain group/class of people with the emphasis on penn and how he deals with the meaninglessness of it all. through the aforementioned we also see how others deal with the same thing, but to a lesser extent. the problem here is that all the splendid dialogue and acting can never build to any solid peak- ultimately because of the question that you're tackling, there is nowhere to go and unfortunately the end result is that one can see every life as a waste as a result, and thus the film can also be put into the same box. however, much credit this deserves for having the balls to at least to face this subject, and in the end it doesn't matter to which group or class you live in, we all face this question in life and so far any answers we have come to are individual, subjective, flawed and pretty meaningless. the other conclusion one can make is that we try to get our feelings validated in life and this film shows us how this particular group loses out on the ability and availability of this validity... or love.An interesting and rare type of film with incredible acting.

Tasos L (it) wrote: A decent noir, very enjoyable.

Chris C (nl) wrote: starring Laura Zane?

Matthew C (gb) wrote: What I commend Matthew Robbins for, other than his first name, are the classic images his cameras create in this swords and dragons adventure from long ago. It never feels cheesy but manages a serious tone. The problem is the acting and the escalation of events as well as rule breaking. Galen is true and brave but sort of stupid. Yet he's the wizard saving the damsel while Ulrich flashes lightning at the dragon overhead. Mixing Christianity in ancient medieval superstition, the movie feels like a series of fantasy paintings you could buy online and frame if you love magic and monsters. The effects are quite dazzling for the time period, it's simply the characters and plot which are lacking. Still, I won't harp on it too much; in the category of dragon films it stands tall.

Private U (ca) wrote: There was a young an called Reg, who went with a girl in a hedge, when along came his wife with a big carving knife and cut off his meat and two veg! Ha ha ha....when we were kids my parents had every one of the carry on films and barring Emmanuel and England theyre all hilarious. I got my sense of humour from carry on's so they must be good!