At the Bucharest Circus, the new young manager is trying to solve the major financial issues of the company by selling its only bear (old and about to die soon) to German hunters. But the ...

At the Bucharest Circus, the new young manager is trying to solve the major financial issues of the company by selling its only bear (old and about to die soon) to German hunters. But the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Ian P (nl) wrote: A comedy and drama movie that has a very heartwarming story and feel good mood after watching it. Its also a very good family movie that tackles the hardships and challenges in sibling and parent issues and how to overcome it that any ordinary family is going through in reality life. I'm sure local audience who has siblings can relate much to its story. The movie was also stand-out because of the great portrayals of the lead actresses in the movie which gave it a great ground in holding its audience to the movie until its beautiful ending.

Patricia R (br) wrote: This started out so well and then just become unbearable boring, expositional and then non-sensical. BAH!

Lindsay G (us) wrote: hopefully a sign of great Aussie movies to follow

Aj V (us) wrote: A pretty good drama about divorce. The young actors are really good, too. The ending was the only part I didn't care for, it could have been better.

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Sheri S (br) wrote: one of my favorite movies good for the whole family.

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