Ushi Must Marry

Ushi Must Marry

Ushi Hirosaki has to marry according to Japanese tradition before her 30th birthday. Because time is running out, her family decides she has to marry a huge sumo wrestler. A rather unfortunate combination, so Ushi wants to look for a nicer candidate herself. She travels halfway around the world to find her dream husband. Along the way she does valiant efforts, for example to learn table manners and to lose her Japanese accent.

In this madcap comedy to Ushi Hirosaki, the popular character role of Wendy van Dijk, according to Japanese tradition for her 30th marriage. Because time is running her family decides to marry a huge sumo wrestler. Hair A rather unfortunate combination as it turns quickly, so act Ushi yourself looking to go to a nicer candidate. But she must first transform themselves into ideal woman! She travels halfway around the world, from London and Paris to glamorous Hollywood, to find her. Dream man Along the way she does valiant efforts, for example to learn table manners and her Japanese accent to lose. Of course, that turns into an adventure full of embarrassing and hilarious situation ( . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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