Ustedes, los ricos

Ustedes, los ricos

Sequel to Nosotros los Pobres (1947). This time, Pepe "El Toro" (Infante) is married with "La Chorreada" (Pavon) and they have two children.

Sequel to Nosotros los Pobres (1947). This time, Pepe "El Toro" (Infante) is married with "La Chorreada" (Pavon) and they have two children. Chachita (Munoz) knows her real grandma: Charito... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jyoti Prakash M (es) wrote: 'Shahid' is by far the best Hindi film i have watched this year. When a man belongs to the people, he stops belonging to his people.

Lourdes R (it) wrote: Musicals always make me wish that people really broke into song and dance spontaneously! Now I also wish we had talking fish and green people (:

Leanne B (kr) wrote: An extremely dark and distrubing film about a guy obsessed with Saturday Night Fever and living under the brutal reign of Pinochet in 1970's Chile. The main character Raoul is one of the most frightening characters in recent cinema, he is utterly unpredicatble and can be set into an explosion of violence at the slightest provocation. The film is tense and there is a constant threat of meance, not only because of Raoul's unpredictability but also because of the environment he lives in, tanks patrol the streets and suspected communists are shot on site. This is not a glamous serial killer movie it is dark and gritty. Raoul is not a loveable anti hero in the mould of someone like Patrick Bateman but he is genuinly scary and as an audience you only find yourself rooting for him purely because you dont want him to flip. Highly recommended

Omar I (au) wrote: the story is awesome!!

Aaron W (mx) wrote: Despite all of it flaws which are many, I still enjoyed this film

Ben S (nl) wrote: another 80s CYF classic. This is probably one of the top three CYF films along with GoG and Better Tomorrow. Tony Leung (the other one) is solid as well... poor Roy Cheung got owned pretty bad towards the end.By the way, DON'T WATCH THE SEQUEL where CYF turns into a queer

Tom (it) wrote: I haven't seen this in ages, but I recall ikt being funnier as hell. I wish it were on DVD

Clay B (nl) wrote: MAN WITH THE GUN (1955)

Donna L (de) wrote: This is a really great Aussie Film. "In a time when stranger danger is ever present, a single father learns that it's the ones you trust most who have to be watched the closest."

Andrew O (kr) wrote: Not a total waste of time, Killing Season has a very good film hidden somewhere deep inside the pseudo-intellectual whining about war and countless over-gory capture/escape scenarios.

Laurelle P (mx) wrote: I love this movie. I know most of Jada Pinkett-Smith's parts. The morning after my dad's passing Anthony Anderson's line kept running through my mind, "Shut it up, just shut it up. My daddy just died, my daddy just died! Ooooo, you say one more thing about parking lots....."