Utomlennye solntsem 2

Utomlennye solntsem 2

The final part of Mikhalkov's trilogy about Divisional Commander Kotov finds him returning home during World War II having been betrayed, narrowly escaped execution for treason and nearly ...

The final part of Mikhalkov's trilogy about Divisional Commander Kotov finds him returning home during World War II having been betrayed, narrowly escaped execution for treason and nearly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Utomlennye solntsem 2 torrent reviews

Kamran M (br) wrote: Whole Team of Haider Went Full Retard.

Richard D (ca) wrote: An exciting war drama about a subject I knew very little about.

Brian S (us) wrote: The scares in this movie come from what you don't see and not from what you do see. And it works wonders !! Overall, i liked this flick, the performances are very good, the chilling score is good too, and, although you don't see the aliens that much, the few times you do see them, they look bone chilling. But i do think they could've cut down with that dramatic pyschology bullshit, cause it feels like a mixe of sci fi and drama. This movie really is emotional and scary. Recommended !!

Sean J (it) wrote: It's hysterical and it features the Irish! What could be better!

g y (au) wrote: Machine vs. human is more exciting

Kat K (mx) wrote: In the attempt to go against racism, it winds up being racist. I was almost in tears hearing the N word coming out of Clark's mouth, an actor with whom I appreciate. I heard the film was attempt at trying to rekindling or bring back Gone With the Wind -- much like Mogambo tried but failed at bringing back Red Dust -- and likewise it just wasn't happening. The premise being of a rich girl and her father living at mansion (?) around the time of the American Civil War (1861-1865). Her father bought more slaves than two people could possibly need, but generally gave them their freedom, much unlike the rest of the people of the time. When her father suddenly dies, the truth of her mother comes out- her mother was black. She's quickly yanked away from her riches with the rest of the people that worked with her and sold onto the slave market. First problem for me being... the actress is white! Yeah, very risky... Anyway, Clark's character buys her for an enormous sum and brings her back to his place in New Orleans. She's spends all her time telling the white people around her that she's black and the black people around her that she's white, complains about her situation, when so far all we see is her getting showered with presents and being catered to. Skip forward, and Clark's character tells her *why* he's made it his job to save slaves, because *he* was an abusive and merciless killer and slave trader. And BOY, the details on that one leaves me thinking he's still got some racism left in his system-- that the man with whom he brought an education was the son of the woman he slain, and this man, played by Sydney, is later told about this little secret and let go when all hell breaks loose with the war... but even after they reconcile as foster parent and son, we MUST keep at least fifty feet distance as we say goodbye... Good sets and costumes, and of course the acting was alright- otherwise, don't waste your time. This movie pi$$ed me off something awful. Not only did it not learn its lesson, it's about ten years after movies started learning their lessons. Fail! 3.2/10

Patrick D (fr) wrote: This is a bad movie but it's really great if you're into Grindhouse type flicks. The dialogue is weird and funny, and it's only 86mins but the middle drags alot but has alot of weird dialogue to keep it going. It really all hangs in the last 30mins or so when the monks, criminals, zombies, and touring martial arts people all come to a head.

Allen G (fr) wrote: There's Bruce Willis, lot's of bad guys, lots of broken class, the FBI, a helicopter, a bad guy falling from a skyscraper & a train scene. The problem is that this isn't one of the great Die Hard Movies (1 and 3, duh) it's just a pretty average action flick. If Simon was actually a child with a sixth sense allowing him to see dead people and Art (Terrible name btw) was a dead child psychologist who doesn't know he is dead, then this would be a great movie. I mean, how awesome would a movie like that be!? But yeah, really nothing special here, if you fancy switching off your mind and watching something with lots of shooting then this is probably for you,.

Evan W (fr) wrote: Absolutely Loved the Ending it was a cute movie