Utt Pataang

Utt Pataang

Mumbai-based Ramvilas Sharma has just broken-up with Sanjana Mahadik, a former bar dancer, with whom he had a six month relationship. His private-detective friend, Nandan Pandey, attempts to counsel him over this break-up, and even encourages him to meet other women. Ramvilas does meet with a homeless woman, Koel Datta, befriends her, and even brings her to spend the night in his flat but will be interrupted when Sanjana will come to take her belongings back and will leave a bag full of cash. Everyone will find their respective lives turned upside when they will be 'interrogated' by a suave French-speaking crook, Lucky Sardana, after the bag goes missing.

A man and his private-detective friend attempt to deal with a bitter ex-girlfriend and a missing bag full of cash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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