Utterly Without Redeeming Social Value

Utterly Without Redeeming Social Value

A psychologist interviews the members of a therapy group for people with sexual issues as to why they're in the group.

A psychologist interviews the members of a therapy group for people with sexual issues as to why they're in the group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden G (jp) wrote: The message seems to be: living through sarcasm, irony, ans insincerity is an empty and vacuous existence. Or, hipsters are useless, purposeless assholes. This is an interesting concept but makes for joyless and mostly unrewarding viewing.

Carlos M (es) wrote: An enthralling and heartbreaking documentary using only archive material and old interviews with the pilot and those who knew him, and it is fascinating to see the human side of an admirable man who was the greatest idol of a nation facing a major economical and political crisis back then.

corinne c (de) wrote: at first i wasn't interrested by this film, but it's a surprised for me. good scenario and akshay kumar is nice-

Josh B (br) wrote: This picks up after the end of the original series, not Brotherhood. At first I was a little confused about what was going on in the story, but after awhile things seemed to make more sense. For a movie based on a series it was pretty good.

Tom B (es) wrote: A poor and pointless drama thriller, whereby the wife thinks the husband's beautiful co-worker is meddling to entice away. Unbelievable, unsexy, undramatic and dull this mediocre 'crush' territory. I would recommend this to fans pof the actors only, Emily Blunt fansd especially. The film is set in Australia.

Martin H (ag) wrote: Intelligent and thought provoking Sci-Fi Drama. Once again Robin Williams proves successful in a dramatic role. 8/10

Kevin K (br) wrote: May seem a bit exaggerated on the action scenes, but the artwork is indeed nice.The music background and end theme is indeed a good combination with the whole movie.

Paula K (it) wrote: I think everyone wants to know how their life would have turned out, if they had made different decisions.

A B (ca) wrote: Interesting, better than everyone says

Omar B (nl) wrote: The Noir genre mixed with futuristic sci-fi genre gives the movie its originality all while discussing a controversial topic.

Daniel R (ca) wrote: A widower sends messages by dumping them in this sea and a heartbroken writer falls in love with him. Yawn!

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