Uuno Turhapuro - This Is My Life

Uuno Turhapuro - This Is My Life


Uuno disguises as an old man and infiltrates a nursing home for rich old people, where his father-in-law also lives. The ever-hungry Uuno is seduced by the table groaning with food, but as it happens, he never manages to be there at dinnertime. Meanwhile Sörsselssön enters Uuno for a TV competition named This Is My Life, where contestants tell about their life as viewers vote them either to continue or out of the show. The nursing home elderly watch on TV as Uuno tells the show's host his life story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MF J (ag) wrote: Excellent film from veteran director Stephen Frears who brushes here the portrait of the most famous woman on the planet with a sense of wisdom, grace & humanity rarely shown towards such an historical figure.

Cidric L (es) wrote: One suspends disbelief whilst watching films: smoothing over unrealistic exposition, forgiving awkward and unrealistic character interaction, allowing digressions into the melodramatic for the sake of tone, etc. This pretty little film demands so much suspension of belief that serious eye-rolling ensues. Couple this with the writers' poor understanding of science and their unwavering desire to connect this with the poetic and the spiritual, and one is left feeling that the film was trite and melodramatic. This is unfortunate, as the actors seem entirely capable of delivering compelling performances, but have little to work with. Reminds me of Luc Besson's 'Lucy', without special effects or action.

Damion R (nl) wrote: When I heard that this documentary was about the first "integrated prom" at a predominantly black school in Charleston, I figured it was set in the 50s. To my shock and dismay, the prom in question was held in 2008. In the late 90's, Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman, having spent the first years of his life in Charleston, offered to pay for a high school's first integrated prom...and they refused. A decade later, he tried again to greater success...and Mr. Saltzman was there to film the entire journey. To think that in this day and age, segragation still exists is truly disturbing. Watching this film, however, was an absolute joy, despite the horrendous ignorance behind the need for it. With very candid interviews with the senior class and the participation of the usually reclusive Mr. Freeman, seeing an entire generation of teens stand up against the ignorant teachings of their parents was something to behold. An extremely powerful film, it gives hope that even in the tiniest of towns in the middle of nowehere, education can still spread and improve the lives of the next generation of Americans. Now, if someone could just bring them some fashion sense....*grin*

Ben D (br) wrote: I think this is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen! I have probably watched it a dozen times.

AD O (ag) wrote: tried to watch this a few times and couldn't, before i was a tarantino fan (after inglorious basterds). after, watched and liked it. what ever happened to uma!

Kio (es) wrote: once again a movie i watched with my sister.

Codi C (it) wrote: i saw don't remember if it's good or not

Steven W (jp) wrote: alright. kinda funny.

Thrall T (us) wrote: When wealthy Beverly Hills teenagers go through struggles such as love, heartbreak, and what dress to wear at the big party, you get a film that is difficult to forget. Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, Brittany Murphy, and Paul Rudd, mixes humor and fashion with life lessons on relationships. Cher Horowitz (Silverstone) is a rich, popular, and witty 16-year-old that lives with her father and her ex-stepbrother, Josh. Her and her best friend, Dionne (Dash), help the new girl in town, Tai (Murphy), create a new look to impress the guys at their school. Tai quickly catches the attention of Josh and everyone else, which confuses Cher, since she is always the center of attention. Cher goes through inner challenges with herself to try and verify her own worth and figure out her feelings for Josh. This film contains a cast that perfectly portays teens in the 90's, with the wardrobe that contained clothing that every person probably had in their closet during this time. The script is filled with funny lines and perfect sayings that matched each character perfectly. However, the underdeveloped plot involving the romance between Cher and Josh threw off the direction of the main storyline. Despite some weaknesses, I would give the movie four out of five stars for a wonderful coming of age story. Watch this movie for a your fill of 90's teen life and inspiration for love and friendship.

Paul D (au) wrote: Nice period tale, which is mostly family strife, but entertaining strife! There's a good emphasis on the set and costume given it's the 1940's.

Bronwyn V (ag) wrote: Really good story about a underdog having a win, great cast and great acting aswell