A member of a therapy group is found dead. A prosecutor and a police officer try to solve the mystery of his death.

Co musiałoby się wydarzyć, żeby w zwyczajnym człowieku obudzić zabójcę? Czy w pół-hipnotycznym transie można zabić i następnego dnia o tym nie pamiętać? Skoro jest ofiara, to gdzieś musi też być sprawca zbrodni. W ekranizacji bestsellerowego kryminału Zygmunta Miłoszewskiego tropem sprytnego mordercy podąża cyniczny komisarz Smolar (Marek Bukowski) i nieustępliwa prokurator Agata Szacka (Maja Ostaszewska) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (de) wrote: Looks like a TV movie made for one of the religious channels: bad acting, predictable plot, poor action and lot of preaching.

Anton B (de) wrote: You are in the suicide room!

Robert I (kr) wrote: Oh, indie fantasy themed comedies... It's a hard road to walk. The script is like something your friend wrote, but then there's a 50 piece Prague Orchestra doing the score and an actual metal soundtrack deal behind it. Brian Posehn gets the role of his lifetime. Tegan Moss is the Canadian girl American guys dream aboot. I enjoyed it. I get why people don't, but part of me likes that other people dedicated their time to making this film. And in the end I think it's better we get films like this than "Free Samples".


Kimberly S (br) wrote: Another entertaining tale of quirky nerds.

Vineet A (kr) wrote: Plot:v.good(4/5),S-FX:No,Emotional pull:Yes(+0.5)

Takee A (au) wrote: A fantastic movie with a very important moral: Don't spoil your kids, & you'll be surprised! (Or something like that). Or keep your expectations low & you will be surprised.??????

Andr D (nl) wrote: Aunque "Jeepers Creepers" es una pelcula de horror producida por Francis Ford Coppola, este es un trabajo genrico: mal actuado, con muchos huecos argumentales y con pocos sustos. Sin embargo, su tono oscuro y cnico y el enigma planteado desde el inicio hacen que el espectador se interese de principio a fin. Tal vez, la historia de su director, Victor Salva, acusado de cometer actos de pederastia con un actor menor de edad, sea una historia mucho ms perturbadora que este relato sobrenatural.

Perry P (fr) wrote: This movie has it all! Scandals, violence, sex, action - Patricia Arquette and Ellen Degeneres are fabulous!

NEEECK T (jp) wrote: Well, it is just Shakespeare's Hamlet with Lions. I just can't give it a lower grade than this.

John K (nl) wrote: How's this for a ringing endorsement of a movie? "There are worse comedies". Wow. I'll have to remember that one next time I wish to give a movie a thumbs up but it's just really not a very good movie (always wondered why critics bend over backwards to skew their review towards the positive? They must have their reasons I suppose. And there are so few good things coming out of Hollywood these days). Actually the clips on Youtube are pretty funny.

Molly R (kr) wrote: A delightful film based on the book contains the actual correspondence between Helene Hanff and Frank Doel and the friendship they shared over books.

Hashim H (mx) wrote: Epic ,Claustrophobic . Heroic and ultimately Exhilarating , Das Boot is one of The Greatest War Films ever committed to Celluloid

Monika (jp) wrote: Absolutely fascinating.

Simon T (kr) wrote: 'The Desolation of Smaug' is exciting and visually amazing, but the second chapter of the Hobbit-trilogy could be better.