Uzak ihtimal

Uzak ihtimal

Muezzin Musa falls for his neighbor, the Catholic nurse Clara. The story gets even more exceptional when Musa meets Yakup, who turns out to be connected with Clara.

Muezzin Musa falls for his neighbor, the Catholic nurse Clara. The story gets even more exceptional when Musa meets Yakup, who turns out to be connected with Clara. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick F (es) wrote: Burns is a brilliant filmmaker, and it continues to show with his return to the Fitzgeralds. Additionally, his ability to continually put together a tremendous cast. Great flick.

Mallory A (it) wrote: A common case of the documentary film not living up to its subject matter. Still endearing though.

Elex M (kr) wrote: the title fits this movie perfectly. the people in the town hardly ever speak yet everyone understand each other and they are always together. the love they have for water is just crazy. its funny and overall a good watch

Daniel S (de) wrote: A middle of the road horror film that starts off strong, but ends in such a manner that you have to wonder how the hell it ended how it did. It's a weak movie, and one that's largely forgettable despite the unique concept.

jeff f (it) wrote: yikes... what a total pile of steaming crap... Nothing made sense from beginning to end.

Ian C (us) wrote: Excellent 90's Sci-Fi. Stuart Wilson takes the balls to a new level as the leader of The Outsiders. Liotta is one hard cunt and Henricksen as always adds some extra class.

Caleb F (gb) wrote: Diary of a Wimpy Kid is almost as good as the book it's based off of.

Nathan C (ag) wrote: Zombieland!Perfect Way to start a Zombie Movie, Shoot them in the face and they're out. They did add in jokes that were actulley funny. it's standard how zombies take over the world. And The Cast Woody Allen Jessie Eisenburg and Emma Stone they really do well in. Bill Murray stars in this too. You won't see him in the trailer but you can just look in the casts list. Overall: This is A Big Hit Blockbuster very Enjoyable, Great storyline and Plot with a great movie also with a great cast Develops.Score: 8.5/10

Facebook U (ag) wrote: Sorry to say but comedy in Kabul, where we see the devastation and the real tensions did not work well. There was some effort made but the subject did not go well. Plus, the english trying to show the locals was just one more level of insulting or demeaning. It just could not be very funny. It was however somehow informative of the local places. We could feel there, although I can't be sure where it was filmed.

Norm d (us) wrote: Except for Rachel Weisz there was no real reason to like this - but I did. It's a look at the following M / F conundrum: Men want a classy lady in the parlor and a tigress (whore) in the bedroom (so our grannies said). Women want an alpha prince in the parlor and her kind of tiger between the sheets. But when you get one and not the other for a husband, a prince but no tiger, she's left wanting. The reverse is shown, too; a passion inspiring lover who doesn't have it together ... not yet anyway. And there's an older man with a babe for a younger wife (Weisz) who can't or won't control his nasty old mother & raise a growl in the bedroom. Momma's boys at any age aren't good for a woman. This film is a thoughtful, interesting, & skillfully crafted look at these disappointments with a short cold-shower lecture by the landlady thrown-in for extra measure. This is a film for thoughtful adults, beautifully blocked and photographed at a pace that would be slow were the flim not cut to a good length. It also would be very good - maybe better - on the stage where it originally was produced. The film has a stage feel to it.

Ravyn S (mx) wrote: A psych-thriller that deals with a young martial artists mental illness causing him to hallucinate visions of Bruce Lee.