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A blind husband. An obsessed lover. And the missing body of a murdered wife...?

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  • Length:122 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Hindi
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Vaada is a funny movie of Rumi Jaffery. The released year of this movie is 2005. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Arjun Rampal, Zayed Khan, Ameesha Patel, Alok Nath, Rakesh Bedi, Veerendra Saxena, Rajesh Vivek, Sarfaraz Khan, Shashi Kiran, Achyut Potdar, Anil Saxena, Kuldeep Sharma, Anjan Srivastav. Movie' genres are Thriller. The rating is 5.6 in We have a good movie to watch. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 122 minutes. Leocuto is good uploader, she is very proactive. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Excited', so what is your opinion. Do you know what are customers? ChimTo is the best. I can't leave my iPad screen. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

. . And the missing body of a murdered wife. An obsessed lover. A blind husband

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Users reviews

Amanda W (kr)

Not my cup of tea but a cinematic thrill

bill s (au)

Nolte's good but this film wanted to be epic but came up way short. Less sweeping than the film makers intended

Bryant P (us)

not for the faint of heart

Cheryl N (ag)

this is about the worst case scenario anyone can think of getting into, gay or not

Lee M (de)

" Juggling MTV-style numbers, intellectual in-jokes and very sexual politics, "Zero Patience" is -- like the Canadian director's prior "Urinal" and "The Making of 'Monster' "-- often more impressive in conceptual daring than execution. A cheekily agitating "AIDS musical

Markus S (ru)

Decent documentary about Lebron and his high school b-ball team

Michael T (kr)

A must watch! Especially if you are unaware how scary and corrupt the United States government is!

Patrick C (br)

Very well done and engrossing. Holbrook and McKinnon are both magnificent and Barry Corbin plays well as Meecham's only friend. Lorenzo Choate and Meecham engage in a brutal battle of wills that shows the lengths to which desperation and the need to hold on to the past will drive men to actions most would consider tragic. Meecham acts his ornery self in an effort to drive the Choates from the farm. When he arrives he finds another family (Choates) has leased the farm from his son and intends to buy it. He is depressed by the place and runs away, heading back to his farm. Great story of an elderly man, Abner Meecham, put into a nursing home by his son

Paul D (ca)

Got a little crowded with characters for such a short run-time. This is another case of good actors giving great performances in an otherwise poorly put together film

Rolf J (ca)

umero uno!". . . "What's the term about families? Dysfunctional?