Vääpeli Körmy ja vetenalaiset vehkeet

Vääpeli Körmy ja vetenalaiset vehkeet


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Vääpeli Körmy ja vetenalaiset vehkeet torrent reviews

Mike F (ag) wrote: This movie is amazing! For both Families, and Children! Not every movie can be loved but this my friends, is awesome! The actor that plays the bully, "michael Friend" is very good!!!

Wesley S (mx) wrote: Easily one of the most boring movies I've seen in a very long time. Stay far, far away.

Conner R (de) wrote: This is such a weird movie and I've seen my fair share of weird movies before. Maybe it's the combination of stylized action, gore, british dubbing and 80s feel to it. I really wasn't expecting it to be what it was. Jet Li looks like Kato from the Green Hornet and more or less is the character. There's really nothing that interesting about the movie at all, everything in it has been done better in other movies. It should only be seen by Jet Li completists.

Kimmer S (br) wrote: Starring George Hamilton as a sexy, campy, silly Dracula.

Rodney E (jp) wrote: Could have been cool except it's just ok. That Penn-Travolta combo wasn't that explosive but wasn't quite the disaster of Mad City

Alex r (es) wrote: What if the Nazis won the war? Director Christopher Menaul answers that question with his made for TV movie Fatherland. The plot is terrific and it is well layered and keeps you interested due to the idea of its plot. The acting is great and it is a well crafted film that looks good for a TV movie. There are a few flaws here, and at times, the script does reveal its limitations, however there's plenty to enjoy due in part to its entertaining story, which rises above its flaws. The strength of a post war victorious Third Reich is really what makes up the film's flaws and the cast do a fine job with the material at hand. This film may be hard to take due to the fact that it presents the idea of victorious Nazis, but that's what makes it interesting. Enjoyable thriller that you watch if you can take into account that is purely a work of fiction. The film has a well paced story, good acting and enough thrills and drama to make this one worth seeing. Rutger Hauer is what keeps you involved and he gives a strong performance. However the low-budget does show a bit and by today's standards, it looks fairly Dated. Those are really my two complaints as well as the fact that some aspects could have been done better. Christopher Menaul delivers a very good film that relies on a great idea, and it works well enough to be an entertaining two hours of mindless entertainment. Fatherland is a well made, but dated TV movie; however that shouldn't negate your choice in seeing this.

Ken T (es) wrote: Wellll, it is official...Snipes is in "B" movie hell. So sad..."

Ts Yeung Yvonne P (es) wrote: This film bothers me. It took me a while to get into the characters, they are rather unique. The story is interesting. The main character is very well written. I guess it is good, since I am still thinking with the choices they make. Not perfect, but very intriguing.