Vääpeli Körmy - Taisteluni

Vääpeli Körmy - Taisteluni


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Jarrin R (kr) wrote: This was overly violent and lacked in story. The characters also were not that believable. It is entertaining but I would not watch it again.

Josh D (ca) wrote: Apparently it's Friday Crap Movie night.

Parker G (au) wrote: stellar movie loved it... especially loved the montage with radical face playing

Master J (nl) wrote: Great plot-a lot like catch me if you can

Michael A Elkana F (nl) wrote: Not my favorite, but still good, the song's catchy

Daniel K (nl) wrote: A convoluted story and zero onscreen chemistry make this curiously disappointing to watch.

Katelyn B (ru) wrote: This is a really good movie, but I think it is more of a special interest movie; artists, art majors, people who enjoy art would enjoy this movie more. It could hardly hold my interest, even with how good it really was.

Brandon H (au) wrote: Why !!! This movie is awful ..Full house was great Olsen Twins but this is possibly the worst movie EVER!

Gavin M (ru) wrote: Definitely Tarantino's best masterpiece since Pulp Fiction. Christoph Waltz makes the whole movie. Definitely plays one of the all time best movie characters thanks to the superb Quentin Tarantino with his fabulous screenplay that only he can conjure up.

Nadja A (it) wrote: Easy ChickLit Film mit guter Cast, aber das Ganze war schon sehr bertrieben! (besonders mit den vier lustigen, aber auch nervigen Verfolgern!) (Juni 2014)

Private U (au) wrote: good movie, historical background..

Lauren (au) wrote: oh my gosh i used to LOVE this movie when i was little and the boy in it lol

Chuck C (jp) wrote: truly brilliant, sadly little seen film

Steve W (us) wrote: Following up on Wild At Heart, Cage appeared in the God-awful movie Zandalee, in which Nic dons a goatee and a Louisiana accent and does romantic battle with Judge Rheinhold, who last worked with Nic in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Both actors sport some fine have porn 'staches.High points in the movie: Steve Buscemi as a jailbird with a heart of gold.Low points: Everything else.Nic, playing Johnny Collins, wears all black and a mullet. He's the worst kind of tortured artist, the kind that has to talk about how tortured they are to everybody around them. Judge Rheinhold is Thierry Martin, the head of a family-owned communications business. His wife is Zandalee, a skinny boutique owner bored with responsible Judgester, who starts banging Nic's tortured artist self, an affair that culminates in the weirdly passive death of The Judge in the bayou following some homoerotic/man on man sexualized violence.Johnny Collins, who also sidelines as a drug addict and mule, gets in debt to the wrong people; Zandalee, who is detached from her emotions in pretty much the entire movie, sacrifices herself to save his life. At the end, everybody is dead or unhappy. One audience member on Rotten Tomatoes sums up the film like this:"A boring movie about a woman named Zandalee-what kind of fucking name is that? who has an affair with her husband's friend. Terrible acting and no type of plot. Maybe there is one hot sex scene but that's about it."Thanks Jennifer Torres! That pretty much captures the film. Based on the pretentious dialogue, the slow pacing, the meaningless plot, the apparent hatred of all three main characters, and the setting (New Orleans, decay, etc) this is intended to be a serious art film. The director, Sam Pillsbury, worked on the excellent and underrated 1985 sci-fi film The Quiet Earth (and later went on to film Free Willy 3 before quitting film to start a vinyard in Arizona that he sold to the lead singer from the band Tool-true story) but he channeled none of the fine work from Quiet Earth into this ball of self-loathing and misery. Nobody is particularly great in the film-although the actors are all too skilled to turn in terrible performances-but I got the feeling none of them bought into the story completely, and it shows. There's a lack of chemistry. Nic's character is super-intense and so Nic stares and lot and breaks things and doesn't smile. I just wanted to slap him. Nic has a very hard time fully embracing roles that do not include some aspect of self-mockery. The twat he plays in this film couldn't reflect upon his own image in a mirror, and Nic ends up playing him as a very superficial character, all destructive id with no hint of something deeper. One of the worst Cage films. A film that desperately wants to be something it is not, and suffers twice as much for failing.

The M (ag) wrote: Me Elvis. Me make Girl Happy

Timothy M (nl) wrote: Very, very good. There's one or two elements that aren't quite satisfactorily wrapped up, mostly to do with Dino's character, and I'm not really sold on Martha Hyer at all, but apart from that it's all gravy. Arthur Kennedy is made of awesome, as is MacLaine. I figure that Sinatra and Martin weren't swigging coloured water, there. Elmer Bernstein's score is wonderful (if occasionally reminiscent of Sweet Smell of Success), and the cinematography is quite breathtaking. I'm not the biggest fan of Minnelli's style, but it doesn't matter when he's got material like this to work with. He made this in the year that he won his Oscar, but I can safely say that he won it for the wrong film.

Anna C (it) wrote: A story about a family feud in a low budget movie, with an almost unknown cast, all set in the woods: it keeps you up till the end, not bad.