Vacanze di Natale

Vacanze di Natale

Christmas holidays on the snow of Cortina D'Ampezzo. Mario, a guy from Rome who has not much money, falls in love with the American Samantha, the girlfriend of hypochondriac Roberto. Billo,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (es) wrote: The Ideas of March is always going to have some sort of split of opinion because it's about politics. As a film, I thought it was well directed with interesting, intelligent characters. Everybody in the A list cast were good with Ryan Gosling, Even Rachel Wood, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti giving particularly compelling performances. As for the screenplay, it make or breaks the film, it was let down on one or two occasions but for the rest, it was fantastic. I thought this was a fascinating, intriguing tale of betrayed and sneakiness that I will watch again.

Phillip H (fr) wrote: Spotty accents aside, the depressing tone is its only downside.

Adam S (de) wrote: Thin plot: check. Bad acting: check. Plot holes you could fly a time traveling spaceship through for 5 months: check. This is a bad movie in all the most amusing ways.

Amanda W (es) wrote: Different/Not Bad/Liked.

Jaime R (br) wrote: This is quite a unique way of adapting Anton Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya", with fine performances from start to finish (particularly Julianne Moore) and a perfect way for Louis Malle to leave us.

Rodney E (nl) wrote: I remember the book Koko's Kitten. Who knew a really good documentary about Koko existed. It is fascinating to watch the gorilla get down with sign language

Zack B (us) wrote: I enjoyed the look and style, but more importantly I enjoyed the acting, which I felt was a step above the majority of acting in the films of Hitchcock. I've always felt that was something lacking in many of his films, but certainly not here. Especially supporting performances like those by Wolfgang Kieling and Lila Kedrova.

Matt D (fr) wrote: After a slow start Hitchcock proves once again why he is the master of suspense with the second half of 'Torn Curtain' firing on all cylinders despite two painfully dull leading characters. In fact, this movie alone might best demonstrate Hitch's power over his audience for getting us to care and be concerned about two characters that wouldn't make an impression on anyone under another director's hands. Andrews and Newman might be lovely and they what they can with the script provided but they're pretty much on their own.Let me list some of the fantastic set pieces that end up making this film a rousing success: the farm house murder, the discovery of the body, the bus scenes, the post office scene, the theater scene, and the finale getting off of the boat.And I MUST mention Lila Kedrova as the Polish Countess trying to earn herself some sponsors in America. Seriously one of my favorite bit part performances of all time.

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Jacob C (es) wrote: 64/100 - This was one heck of a ride. Cloverfield does have some weak points like a typical story for its genre and slightly subpar action; however, the found footage element adds a ton to the film as a whole. The handheld camcorder-filmed cinematography is done impeccably, even though it can be a little nauseating at times. The film's climax is a little overly sentimental, but on the whole Cloverfield doesn't disappoint and will send your heart racing at times.

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