Vacanze di Natale '91

Vacanze di Natale '91


This coarse bedroom farce takes place at the St. Moritz ski resort over a Christmas vacation. Among the couples whose lives intersect are a widowed artist honeymooning with his second wife, a gay man traveling with his son and his lover (and hiding each from the other), a snobbish couple from Milan who have been forced to share a suite with a pair of crass Romans, etc. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vacanze di Natale '91 torrent reviews

Ryan G (kr) wrote: Good drama about the NFL Draft Day. I think the Browns could use a real GM like this, LOL!

Ken D (es) wrote: i found this to be at times watchable, and the action wasn't too bad, but there wasn't as much as I thought there would be. There is quite a drop off with talent from the first(haven't seen the second one yet). But when you go from Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman to Ken Anderson(I actually like Anderson), there is a bit of a drop off. The dialogue was pretty bad for the most part. It seemed as if the characters were either going for one liners(and failed) or bad dialogue was executed.

Shannon M (mx) wrote: A cute movie, I could watch it over and over. It's a feel-good movie, but still carries the deeper theme of not growing up too fast.

Rafael B (nl) wrote: Parece um laranja mecanica estilo realista. Bem interessante, mas meio longo e mais conceitual do q o deveria ser

Linda A (mx) wrote: My question throughout the film was why was the father so inordinately against Toni? Both Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis are exceptional in their roles as the parents of this exceptional athlete, but the material was thin and predictible. The character of Toni-- the narrator-- was at best-- two dimensional. I couldn't help feeling how would one of the other siblings tell the story?

chris p (br) wrote: sounds like a good family movie

Adam H (mx) wrote: I have never seen this film, I actually meant a low budget direct-to-dvd film me and my friends watched as teenagers.

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Havent seen this ??? Maybe should get round to seeing.

Derek D (ag) wrote: Based on a short story inside Stephen King's Different Seasons, it was better on paper, as usual, but the film was really good. Bryan singer does a good job with the direction of the film, but what really carries this is Ian McKellan's chain-smoking ex-Nazi neighbor who seems like the victim here but ends up completely changing the kid's life.

Josh J (it) wrote: A complete was of time

Mark H (br) wrote: the story worked well and some good action

Matt K (nl) wrote: I know that the idea of a forty year-old man playing a ten year-old boy is kind of odd, but this movie is just plain hysterical! I nearly died laughing when I watched this movie for the first time.

pitah j (es) wrote: Hero as one of the most highly budgeted movies ,to me what got my attention is the use of music and how it shows the connection with martial arts. In the first fight scene is where we see the connection of music and martial arts in detail in the whole film we also hear how the action flows with the music.The cinematographer also used splashes of glamorous color in the film, in the fight scenes with the yellow leaves was just amazing. The fight scene on the lake was also an exceptional piece while they dodged each other's swords on air; we get to understand the art in martial arts.

Adam E (jp) wrote: some really nice effects here done by the man stan winston. some of the robots look pretty cool while others kinda look like boxes on wheels. the general premise is fun i guess with 2 robots falling in love and creating a family. the acting is ok to. im not gunna talk to much about that because its gotta be tricky to be a person pretending to be a robot and then falling in love. all ill say is it works. The main problem with this flick is that nothing happens. at all nothing. theres only 3 sets involved (the forest, the factory and a street) theres no human characters on screen long enough for interaction with the robots and there robot speak so its just lots of shots of them all walking about talking in questions and trying to understand there feelings. the police robot is funny but is hardly on screen long enough.... and it looks like a box on wheels so is not that engaging. the ending just plan sucks to. its a cheap cop out ending were its summed up in a few lines. the endings so anti climatic that it just makes the film seem even dlower. its like they did not know how to end it. it works but just seems a bit cheap. the shock ending is pretty poor to. even for its short running time you'll be hard pressed to be mega excited about watching this.

Michael L (ag) wrote: The first half is an interestingly gritty time capsule look at blue collar factory workers in a late 1970's auto plant (convincingly played by Richard Pryor and Harvey Keitel). The second half went off track as the motivations and loyalties of everyone (workers, union bosses, viewers) get too muddled up.

Hayley K (us) wrote: One of the best Sasquatch movies I've seen!

Plain C (mx) wrote: Made Me LoL out loud a few time, enjoyed the swearing and now i wanna watch the thick of it. I hope it's like this. was the bastardised side of politics, big ups.

Shane P (ag) wrote: It's Spalding Gray. So, it's still great stuff. I just got a little distracted by all the over production.

todd f (ag) wrote: great,great movie!!!!!