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Bob S (us) wrote: The most overrated film in 2017 (yes I know that I am reviewing this film in april). This film has close to no plot or interesting story, you don't invest in the characters because thers is absolutely no character development. It leaves you wondering about the motivation of the protagonist. To me she is "the girl with all the wrong choices", because, in the end, she absolutely does not react the way she schould relatively to her upbringinging and the experiences she went through in her childhood. I am left wondering who comes up whith this bland why? Is this what storywriters should aspire to?

Karsh D (gb) wrote: a young FBI agent infiltrates a white supremacy group. gripping drama. worth a watch.

Vanessa R (ag) wrote: The music is great and I really liked the movie.

Paul E (es) wrote: this new animated feature based on one of the stories from the 90s is an okay effort. A story that features the topic of how far should a person go in the persuit of justice and how far is too far.

Joshua F (ca) wrote: Yes, the documentary is about a chef making sushi, but it is so much more than that. It is about the concept of perfection and whether or not perfection is attainable. It is about teamwork, dedication, optimism, tradition, and family. The art of making sushi is tedious and unbelievably complex. This beautiful, mesmerizing documentary does the art justice. Even with that said, Jiro Ono is not just an artist; he is the master.

Papa D (kr) wrote: fabulous movie..I liked it,,,

Kokila K (ca) wrote: what a waste of time! lol

Ben D (fr) wrote: If you look past the highly improbable plot and you turn off your brain you will mildly like this movie.

Felisha S (fr) wrote: I need to watch all of it.

Kenny O (ru) wrote: Grew up knowing Character and live where it was filmed!

Chris B (de) wrote: Terrible. Watch only to see Salman Rushdie play a completely unconvincing obstetrician.

m n (br) wrote: Steve Martin wrote the rules to the game and how to play it.....pfft take notes gangstas! :P

Rinchen T (br) wrote: A historical movie depicting the courage of few villagers both men and women. Their heart wrenching fight against the invading Burmese army before the fall of the capital.

Russell G (es) wrote: Lewis is back with this cheap-o follow up to one of his most popular films. The grandson of Ramses the 1st arrives in town and gets haunted by the Egyptian statue. This one is played more for laughs, and it suffers for it. kind of crap gore. Nicer boobies than then original and John Waters in a cameo aren't enough to make this worth while.

Beth D (br) wrote: I not sure if I really hated it, or just kinda hated it. It was.. boring, and supposed to be a love story, although I felt NO love between these people..

Silvia T (jp) wrote: My mom made me watch this one not on the movie theaters for a while not all of it Toy Story it didn't make me laugh a few thing made me grin but the aliens were cute :)

Brad H (de) wrote: THIS MOVIE SUCKS! IT'S ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN! This move is guilty of what it is trying to make a point of: excessive violence in the media

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Worth finding and watching!