Feature film based on a true story that took place during Vaclav Havel's vast amnesty in early 90s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David F (ag) wrote: I loved the music and the atmosphere created by Refn in this slick, spooky film. I think it says something important about beauty, fashion, and Los Angeles, I'm just not sure what.

St A (kr) wrote: What could have been a low budget, comedic send up of the likes of Taxi Driver and The King Of Comedy, bar two or three funny scenes, it unsuccessfully tries to emulate the aforementioned movies. Which doesn't help that the main character becomes irritating thanks to the monotonous pace of the movie and the repeated situations he gets in. Feels more like a short film with the stretched too thin to become a feature length feature, especially with the lack of a satisfying ending.

Sophan P (nl) wrote: I appreciated this documentary on so many levels. I appreciated it on a visceral level with it's elegant static woodcarving "animation", abundant archival footage and usage of excellent 60's era Cambodian rock. I also appreciated its nuanced approach to conveying the horrors of the genocide: Mr. Panh tells presents his autobiography in a matter-of-fact but yet still personal way. I also appreciate that Mr. Panh continues to amaze. He's one of the premier documentarians working today and it's so inspiring to see a Cambodian filmmaker internationally-recognized - this film was up for the Best Documentary Oscar along with some other phenomenonal ones like 20 Feet From Stardom and The Act of Killing. It's something of a miracle that Rithy Panh not only survived the horrors of the Khmer Rouge to tell the story but tells it with the verve and control if a true artist. Not only will this film haunt you with its imagery, but Panh's eloquent thoughts will stay with you for a long time. Bravo Mr. Panh, I'm lucky to have experienced your work in my lifetime and I'm a better person for it. Thank you

Ylber M (mx) wrote: The movie itself is very boring and predictable. A very flat story. But Elizabeth Hurley and Amy Adams had some hot scenes, so that?s all positive i can say about this movie.

kat C (ag) wrote: sooo funny, ellen is great

Donna L (ru) wrote: Fun movie. Drew Barrymore is so cute. I could have done without the crazy brother, I think it was too much. Other than that it wasn't bad.

Charles V (nl) wrote: D'emble, je tiens le dire : je n'aime pas trop Alain Delon. Sa personnalit publique m'nerve, surtout ces dernires annes de par ses prestations tlvisuelles ou mme au cinma, surtout dans le dernier Astrix. Mais il faut avouer tout de mme qu'il a eu une grande carrire cinmatographique poustouflante, ayant jou et tourn avec les plus grands. Deux Hommes Dans la Ville en est l'exemple parfait. Delon est parfait dans ce rle de repris de justice qui tente tant bien que mal de se rinsrer dans la socit. Tant bien que mal, parce qu'il est sans cesse harcel par un flic born interprt magnifiquement par Michel Bouquet. Jean Gabin, qui signe ici l'une de ses dernires prestations majeures, joue le rle d'un assistant social qui va aider Delon dans sa rinsertion, et rsister aux pressions faites par le flic. Ce film est marquant ds la premire vision, dur, film la manie d'un film noir italien des annes 1970. Les deux personnages centraux ne se volent pas la vedette puisque ils se compltent pour mener bien le chemin de la rdemption entamm par Delon. Les seconds rles sont prestigieux et crdibles (Depardieu, Lanoux, Girardeau, Bouquet...). Bref, l'un des polars franais dont on ne parle pas assez, et qui doit figurer dans les rfrences de tout bon cinphile.

Mister A (it) wrote: Sometimes I like my movies like I like my pizza, cheezy and greasy...

Art S (kr) wrote: This first collaboration between Powell and Pressburger already contains some of the lyricism that would feature so prominently in their later great films (I Know Where I'm Going!, The Red Shoes, Black Narcissus, etc.). Surprisingly, the film follows Conrad Veidt, a German U-Boat commander in WWI, when he is assigned to the small Scottish Orkney Islands as a spy. His mission is to receive secret plans from a British traitor that would allow him to destroy the warships stationed here. His control turns out to be Valerie Hobson, undercover as a schoolteacher in the small village (after the real incoming schoolteacher is disposed of in an unfortunate way). But things are not always how they seem to be! Powell moves smoothly and easily between the wartime U-Boat scenes and the close up personal drama in the village (where Veidt and Hobson may be falling in love!). A memorable portent of things to come and a solid and engaging spy story on its own.

Kelly B (mx) wrote: Alistair Maclean's action packed western breaks unto the screen, with a great cast, great theme by Jerry Goldsmith and a constant wondering of who-done-it and who's who throughout. Charles Bronson looks right at home while hanging from a moving train-car, shootin' bad folk and throwing dynamite at Indians while riding horseback.