A man with a serious case of inferiority complex is married to a beautiful girl. Soon, his love and care turns into suspicion.

A man with a serious case of inferiority complex is married to a beautiful girl. Soon, his love and care turns into suspicion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan P (fr) wrote: The story is compelling, the actors are talented and the cinematography is beautiful. A very well done drama.

Timothy R (kr) wrote: After seeing 2 & 3, I vowed not to see Pirates 4. However, I succumbed. Chiefly because I wanted to go to the cinemas and had a free ticket and there was nothing better to see. I thought it would be ok. After all, this film didn't have Orlando Bloom or Keira Knightly. I had hopes that two wet rags would replace them and that the film would be a lot better than its two predeccessors. I was disappointed, twice. Firstly, there were no wet rags and secondly, the film was as dull as dog shit. Part of the reason is that there is no plot or character development. If you are making a film with a character in it for the 4th time, they need to develop and expand in some way. But no, it's just the same Jack Sparrow and Barbossa but worse, because they are riding on the coat tails of their success and originality of the first film but are falling far too short. The worst part is that I know I will go and see Pirates 5 when it comes out and I know that I will hate it.

Jacob S (fr) wrote: There comes a time when you just wanna see a movie that just says Screw it! We're gonna have a freakin blast!! Well this is definetly that film! Very over-the-top, funny, badass action picture (allbeit unrealistic but who cares). Not for everyone, especially people who take movies seriously. But for all those who are open-minded and love action, you'll love the hall outta this flick, I certainly did:)

Kevin R (nl) wrote: You live with your parents?Tripp suffered an unfortunate event that has scared him and led him to become a slacker. Now he is a man in his mid 30s that lives with his parents, has no steady girlfriend, and hangs out with his friends from the neighborhood that are pretty much just like him. His parents hire a psychologist to be his girlfriend and hopefully convince him to move out. When the two fall in love, their plan backfires."I didn't know they serve beer here.""They don't."Tom Dey, director of Shanghai Noon, Showtime, and Marmaduke, delivers Failure to Launch. The storyline for this picture has some unique components but is fairly predictable and straightforward. The comedic content is just okay but the acting is very solid. The cast includes Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bradley Cooper, Terry Bradshaw, Rob Corddry, Kathy Bates, and Zooey Deschanel."We were good parents, now we are supposed to be done."I grabbed this flick off Netflix because it starred Matthew McConaughey. I will say this was a fairly straightforward romantic comedy that wasn't as unique as I may have hoped for. The acting was good, and there were some funny scenes, but this definitely could have been better."I am fairly ambidextrous."Grade: C

Luigia L (nl) wrote: A very interesting and well-done point of view on Buddhist philosophy of karma. I loved it!!

Sandra A (us) wrote: When I was a child I liked the movie but now... Im ashamed for the ridiculous dialogue in the movie.

Os O (ca) wrote: same director as ben it like beckham and monsoon wedding..i believe. good story, top film

Logan M (fr) wrote: Watching "Cabaret," I was expecting to be mesmerized, but it's visibly dated and its fun but messy musical numbers aren't overly captivating.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Erin D (gb) wrote: ahahaha, how lamely awesome was this film? classic late 50s drivel.