Vaddu Bava Tappu

Vaddu Bava Tappu

AVS is a rich man and wants rich husbands for his daughters - Manju (Ravali) and Indraja. Manju falls in love with Raja (Rajendra Prasad), a bright unemployed youth and marries him. AVS has...

AVS is a rich man and wants rich husbands for his daughters - Manju (Ravali) and Indraja. Manju falls in love with Raja (Rajendra Prasad), a bright unemployed youth and marries him. AVS has... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zahid C (es) wrote: Day: FridayDate: 24 May 2013Time: 11.00 pmWith: MaaOn: HDTV

John R (jp) wrote: 110308: Never drew me in. Not once. Ouch.

Sean L (nl) wrote: Its not the best comedy in the world but has some laughs. Its a B Movie dark comedy. Worth checkin out for some good laughs.

Sam M (mx) wrote: Although it's not hard to watch without reading the books, Stormbreaker is a movie that looks mature but appeals only to kids, creating insipid action and a lot of unintentionally funny moments.

Tor M (nl) wrote: Mostly done with amateur actors and a very sad film about school shooting. Disturbing, but very delicatly put to screen. This is an haunting experience, that even won an award at Cannes. People are slaughtering it for being boring, but for me this is not ment to be an entertaining piece in the first place.I have not seen too many Van Sant films, but this is probably the best effort from him that I have seen. Michael Haneke's "Der siebente Kontinent" is more depressive still a similiar film - but this is slightly better for me, especially if I keep the killing part of that film in mind. I absolutely dig the constant movement, long tracking shots done with steadycam. It's also really nice with several scenes done many times with different perspectives - naturaly many shots done, being as identical as the last one as possible.Nice and short, good dialogue - and a fantastic way of storytelling. Horrible action, you know it will happen, but you don't know how or who that will get killed. A great final scene too. Not easy to catch the title, but I've read that the two killers are "Elephants in a room". That makes sense, I guess.8 out of 10 high schools cafeterias.

Phillie E (kr) wrote: Lol, who writes this schlock?

Amy B (mx) wrote: What a HOOT of a disfunctional family! Olivia Newton John sings us lullabys throughout to sooth our troubled souls. ha. LOVED the make up! :) My Favorite character in this movie was Leslie Jordan aka "BROTHER BOY"..he does a mean Tammy Wynette! Its HILARIOUS!

Tony P (ru) wrote: I knew what I was getting myself into. David Hasselhoff is doomed because no one will take him seriously after Baywatch. And this kind of thing doesn't help. His performance is decent and believable, but the film is a sub-par stroke fest with appropriately timed fades-to-black for the commercial periods. Plus, I believe Nick Fury shouldn't be a leading charcter. He's the cut-to guy behind the big military table with a cigar and a map saying "Do this or die." When you see him in action it's like, "Wait, why does Captain America take shit from this guy?" He's a commander, godammit. And his love interest is not a sassy woman with a high rank..... it's Justice. I was pretty shocked when I saw Goyer wrote the script. I'm glad he's come past this phase without too much damage done to his name. There's a couple of cool parts, and lots of unmotivated sinisterness.


Ana B (it) wrote: Pelicula con la esposa,una trama que me gust pero no la he vuelto a ver,no s que me parecera ahora..

Jao R (gb) wrote: if someone went and filmed a turd drying for 40 minutes, that would be more watchable than this piece of shit.