Vagabonderne på Bakkegården

Vagabonderne på Bakkegården


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Vagabonderne på Bakkegården torrent reviews

Mel F (mx) wrote: Quite well made. Shows how good intentions without direction will not bring the right results.

Daniel O (gb) wrote: Such a good movie until the last few minutes. Ill admit i was hooked right from the start. It is a little cliched and it walks the line of the hit film " buried", but it is somewhat original.

Jack W (ru) wrote: Ice Age 4 has some funny parts but ultimately it's very predictable, cliched and generic.

Ol R (fr) wrote: Profound, moving (profoundly moving?) and imaginative to a fault, Herzog strikes gold again with yet another brilliant documentary, that, through his one-of-kind lens, becomes not just a glimpse into the abyss of ancient pre-history, but a meditation on mankind's evolution, the birth of creativity and art and our fascination with nostalgia, imagination, light, movement, everything.

Felipe S (ca) wrote: What a lovely film. A simple yet charming story developed by two great performances (what a great couple Darroussin and Auteuil) that will leave nothing but a big smile on you by the end of the film.

Wesley W (jp) wrote: I actually enjoyed the film more than I thought I would and didn't think it was as bad as people made it out to be. Eddie Murphy did good as Dave and it was really funny and enjoyable watching him trying to communicate with real people and accomplishing impossible activities. Sure the film is silly and it has flaws, but I still enjoyed the movie quite a bit and it is an improvement over Eddie Murphy's last film Norbit. Welcome to Old Navy.

Lilian W (it) wrote: Never in my life have I seen imagery so poetic and so visually stunning. would've been a perfect work if it was not so experimental

Private U (nl) wrote: Heilt utrulig god film!!

Diganta B (au) wrote: 'Fasten Your Seatbelts; It's Going to Be a Bumpy Flight!'

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Matt K (ca) wrote: such a gem. . . . I consider myself lucky to have seen this in the Ziegfeld theater (NYC) when it first came out. . . .discover it for yourself

Gerry R (br) wrote: A tad dated but packs a strange and powerful punch. Joel Grey is literally scary as the debauched MC, and the menacing background of Nazi Germany about to wipe out the last days of decadent Weimar Germany is always there. I couldn't help but think several times that virtually all the characters were about to become enemies of the state and that their sad strange lives were about to become much, much worse.

Bob V (us) wrote: A largely forgotten vehicle for an aging Joan Crawford. The grand dame in question plays a conniving yet mellifluous socialite who sours the life off all the people around her. She decides to take in a young relation who serves as her maid/personal assistant/bitch. Overburdened with clich (C)s and drawn-out melodrama, this film only keeps from failing completely due to the performance of Crawford who portrays the vicious Eva with great vitriolic aplomb, setting down her insincerity and malice so convincingly that you can(TM)t wait for her to get her comeuppance.

Saum P (fr) wrote: The irony of war, along with black hawk down, it is one of the best portrayals of the ugliness that war is.Also kickass music.

Scott C (ru) wrote: I think they've got the wrong year listed here. Anyways, as a Canadian, I'm really happy to see a big budget comedy set in my homeland. A real rarity. Bob and Doug are hilarious characters, but unfortunately the movie falls apart quite quickly. I think they worked a lot better in small doses.