Vaishali is a 1988 Malayalam film about a Princess of a country long suffering from drought should please a saint living in distant hills to bring rain.

Princess of a country long suffering from drought should please a saint living in distant hills to bring rain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Vaishali torrent reviews

Al M (us) wrote: I'm not sure what this film was going for, but it failed on every level. The image above is way more compelling than anything in this supposed horror film, which is boring, badly made, and just plain lame.....

Greg Z (ca) wrote: Ricardo Darin znowu swietna rola!

Bobby S (ag) wrote: A highly enjoyable and irreverent take on some of the absurdities of war, conflict and bureaucracy. Del Toro is brilliant. Robbins and Thierry are great too. A surprisingly good movie.

Rees R (mx) wrote: meh but the scene with the farmer and weed hot dogs is fucking hilarious.

bill s (de) wrote: As a SNL skit it was OK but as an hour and a half movie it booooooorrrrreeeessss one to tears.

Chrissy P (mx) wrote: I adore Irene Dunne and it was well-acted and all, but not my cup of tea.

Willie J (us) wrote: Like the main character, the movie strays around not knowing what to do. It goes from scene to scene and situation to situation with what seems to be little motivation. If it weren't for the naturalistic performance of Ethel Barrymore, this movie would be bad. She holds it together. Cary Grant is a good actor, and a great comedic actor. But his performances in dramas can at times feel contrived, as if he's trying too hard to be "dramatic". The screenplay is inconsistent, giving the best lines to Ethel's character. This movie would be completely forgettable, and quite bad, if it weren't for Ethel Barrymore. It is otherwise boring with no sense of direction or passion.

Eric R (fr) wrote: So very enjoyable! Would love a sequel.