Valami Amerika 2.

Valami Amerika 2.

The three brothers, Akos, Tamas and Andras - known from the first part - try to get back their 60 million forints stolen by impostor Alex who ran away with the money and the girlfriend of the oldest brother.

The three brothers, Akos, Tamas and Andras - known from the first part - try to get back their 60 million forints stolen by impostor Alex who ran away with the money and the girlfriend of the oldest brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Valami Amerika 2. torrent reviews

Athena L (fr) wrote: This is one of my new go-to movies. It doesn't get old. It gets funnier every time I see it. Great ensemble cast!

Joseph S (au) wrote: Sweedish comedy gold. It was funny, pretty, and fast paced. This Twin Peakish little Sweedish, town full of oddballs; manic depressive police chiefs, amateur film makers, drug addicts, giants, etc, yields up a murder and conspiracy. Well worn territory, but never worn so well as here. Perspectives and chronology jump around as with Ritche and Tarantino, who are being subtly parodied, however this is, as much if not more, of a film about the contradictory impulses involved in "going home" than it is, a tour through small town's underbelly. The soundtrack is mostly bouncing indie pop, which helps keep interest during the camera's many first person drives through the city. I haven't been as pleasantly surprised by a comedy like this in a long time. Anyone interested in a fun, whimsical, and inventive all around good time, see here. This movie deserves championing. This is now on Netflix watch instantly if anyone has access to that. On rewatch it seems a very personal film from Malmros, about bieng from a small town, and how alien it can seem on going home, watching your freinds and loved ones, who become or appear now freakish by comparison to your "new life". But still feeling a combination of guilt and nostalgia towards those you left behind. More important than the small time drug ring, are the little flash back moments about wanting to live in a place with a movie theater,that doesnt breakdown halfway into a movie because they never recieved the final reel, leaving only the theater manager to call a freind on his cell phone in front of a packed theater and ask him how "Pulp Fiction" ended. "Everything works out well for the negro, but Travolta dies comming out of the toilet"( a scene which Malmros claimed actually happened and convinced him to move away). Also I was now able to pick up more of the film references that the film junkie named Grits is always making, like forgetting to play his role in the "heist" because he was too absorbed by some 9 hour Polish film called "The Catalog". Ultimately it is much more scincere and stylish than "Garden State" and with much better music. Most importantly it still makes me laugh out loud.

Catherine L (ag) wrote: J'ai adore! Marrant, tendre, sexy, sexuel... avec un cote serieux en histoire de fond et des questions sur ce que sont la realite et la memoire et aussi sur les fondements des relations amoureuses et romantiques. De tres belles scenes erotiques, notamment l'hommage a Araki dans l'allusion a la scene de bondage japonais.

TTT C (us) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down The story was interesting but the film's low budget does show at times. Plus, it was too over dramatic at times. Fair at best.

Mike O (es) wrote: Horrible, corny and just not funny. Out of the whole movie maybe 10 minutes was actually enjoyable.

Phillie E (es) wrote: As much as I like Keaton, they foreclosed on the thrills in this flick.

Dann M (ru) wrote: "You're gonna need a bigger boat." Director Steven Spielberg explores onto the scene with the horror-thriller Jaws. When the mangled remains of a swimmer are discovered, small-town police chief Martin Brody comes to believe that a rogue shark is prowling the waters and attempts to close down the beaches. Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw lead the cast and deliver some pretty good performances. But the real star of course is the shark, and Spielberg does an excellent job at giving it a real sense of terror. And one cannot overestimate the impact of John Williams' score, which heightens the tension and suspense, taking it to the next level. Playing on our primal fears, Jaws is a terrifying monster movie.

Chad T (ru) wrote: I like the line of Hanna Schygulla's character when she tells the Greek guest worker: "I know you can't speak. That's why I love you." When taken in the context of all the other characters we've met in this film--a microcosm of all that's venal, petty, and toxic in Fassbinder's New Germany--it certainly resonates pretty strongly. This is quite a remarkable early film, and it would be interesting as a double feature with Ali: Fear Eats the Soul--a film with somewhat similar themes, but via Sirk rather than Brecht. Check it out some Sunday afternoon.

Tim R (au) wrote: Jake Gyllenhaal in a thrilling must see drama! One of the best films ever made!

Dylan B (fr) wrote: Fred Astaire's audition for the Artie Shaw band made me laugh tea out of my nose. And Charles Butterworth is always good for my money.