Five friends are stalked and murdered by a masked assailant while preparing for Valentine's Day.

While preparing for Valentine's Day, Five women are stalked by an unknown assailant who might be the guy spurned by them so many years before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick W (fr) wrote: What was a pretty cool idea from M. Night Shyamalan, became Will Smith's vehicle to give his son an "I Am Legend" type film. Was supposed to convey struggle but then strong bond between father and son really got lost in translation of sci-fi action and you really can't dig your way out of it by the end. Good special effects though. Jaden Smith is definitely not on the same level of his father as far as acting talent is concerned.

Suanne L (gb) wrote: Not tht bad...sympathic to watch. If u really want u can do it!

Saransh B (de) wrote: most complex yet entertaining flik iv ever seen...........dis one iz jst buried in my mind......still amazed how can someone direct something lyk dat......its addictive,entertaining,disgusting movie !!!visually its a piece of art......!!!dis movie is lurks u to watch every second of it untill it gets over !!!dis iz an amazing example of film making !!....its buried in my mind n refuses to go out !!......wat a movie man :O !!!

Ben T (ca) wrote: Decent, fun adventure film with a decent Nic Cage performance.

probowl 4 (jp) wrote: I guess this is one of those "guilty pleasures" that I have. I've always had a thing for 'Without a Paddle.' It's not one of those movies that you'll have stomach cramps from laughter but it's not completely dead either. I like how the three leads mix, especially Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard. Overall it's a decent movie and good enough to watch.

Althea M (it) wrote: So good and so very, very sad.

Omar S (mx) wrote: This movie had it all. The laughs and the tears and the love. I felt somehow it portrayed a real life situation. Anjelica Huston and the rest of the cast really out done themselves in this project. I really enjoyed every bit of this movie.

Josh P (nl) wrote: I personally enjoyed this one more than the first.

Jorban J (it) wrote: Jim Carey's character was, surprisingly, a lot more interesting than the cliches he's known for in this movie.

Ryan P (it) wrote: Prepare to laugh. THIS IS A MUST READ REVIEW!!! Okay, this movie was HORRIBLE, as I knew it would be, but the last 15 minutes of this movie is hilarious. SPOILER: Lacey Chabet keeps herself alive by quenching her thirst. How she does this is UNTHINKABLE. She gives herself an IV from her husbands friends girlfriends breast implants.

David P (us) wrote: Back in 1978 this film was shocking and controversial when it was first realised; this had to do with the nude scenes involving a then 12 year old Brooke Shields and its full frontal nudity, also the theme, which is child prostitution. Even today the film is a bit uneasy to watch, because of how this 12 year old girl is so up for sex and the fact the camera really likes to show her body. Controversy aside, Pretty Baby is a fantastic film. Set in 1917 in a brothel, Pretty Baby centres around 12 year old Violet whom is the daughter to one of the prostitutes. All she does is help out round the brothel and one day a photographer named Bellocq catches her eye and she falls in love with him. The story is told in a linear fashion and the whole film is from Violets eyes. She doesn't fully understand sex and love, despite her claiming that she knows it because she has had sex. Violet is very selfish and doesn't think about others, but for some reason it's hard not to like her. Brooke Shields does a fantastic Job as Violet, she plays her role very subtly and displays amazing emotional depth. Susan Sarandon plays Violets mother and she was also greatly emotional in her performance. The main acting job is from Brooke shields though and its a shame she isn't really doing anything now. The cinematography feels dark, moody and very cramped - it's not outstanding and doesn't give us too many memorable images (well maybe one...which I'm not going describe for you). The editing also felt very disjointed and many scenes were brief when they felt like they were going further. The art decoration however is a beautiful recreation of 1917. Overall; after seeing this film you will most-likely feel unclean and a bit perverted (so take a shower ASAP) and seeing a pubescent Brooke Shields naked may give you nightmares (you can tell because she has really little lumps growing), but there is no denying of how well acted, produced and directed the film is. I highly recommend it if you don't mind its controversial theme and content. 9.4/10 BBFC rating: 18 - For a child prostitution theme

Ricard B (mx) wrote: One of the best title in cinema history. Plus one of the 1st De Niro's role.

Davi M (gb) wrote: Pretty monotone throughout.

Carol R (it) wrote: Love can make even the sane of us mad!!

Paul K (ca) wrote: Mildly maudlin but largely sincere, this is well-characterised and performed with only occasional slips into implausibility. Cancer is a bastard. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be diagnosed with terminal illness as a teenager. This may give one a clue. Life is in no way fair.

KJ P (ag) wrote: Being a massive fan of Cameron Crowe's work, "Vanilla Sky" has always been one of his pieces that I have never had the urge to watch. After mustering up the time to view it, I can truthfully say that even though I liked it, I really do not have a clue if it is a good or bad film. Tom Cruise plays David, a self-obsessed man who falls in love a few times, before getting into a car accident, but really not. The film begins to branch off of that ideal about forty-five minutes in, and actually becomes confused within itself, demanding your full attention in order to fully comprehend where it decides to go in the conclusion. It is one of those films where you either you believe in it or you will hate it. For me, I do not believe in what happened in the end, but I appreciate the thought that went into it. Overall, this complex "love story" had me from the beginning, but then began to drag me around until the ending explained it all. It is a very odd story to put on film to begin with, so I think Crowe did the best he could with it. It is a very well-made, yet flawed picture that I believe is good. "Vanilla Sky" is enjoyable fluff.