Valentine Days

Valentine Days

Three friends look to be the valentine of just one woman

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Valentine Days torrent reviews

Jay B (ru) wrote: Just the right amount of crude and twisted. While its story is small, Bad Words is satisfying and very very entertaining. Bateman really wins here.

Jeffrey T (kr) wrote: Uh, why open the portal to hell in the first place?

Will C (it) wrote: Very interesting movie...the story holds your attention and you cant help but feel for the main character in here trials through out the movie. This is NOT A family movie,be warned.

Campbell P (it) wrote: Sad at beginning but very happy at the end. B+

Luc T (au) wrote: Very enjoyable. Hilarious!

Lewis E (us) wrote: Short of being hilarious but a solid comedy which chooses not to force the jokes but rather give an honest depiction of a guy (a young, much thinner Jon Favreau) whose buddies are trying to help him get over an ex-girlfriend. It makes good observations on the variation of male personalities in a group while the story remains grounded through not over-dramatising the relatable social situations these friends are involved in. There is certainly quite a lot of room for it to be funnier yet it suffices due to its realistic representation of male bonding and humorously accurate suggestions on how to score with women. It also provides us with the cool term "You're so money" which I'm surprised hasn't become common dialect.

Jay B (de) wrote: Fun '90s camp... Caan is the highlight, per usual.

Robert B (kr) wrote: Even Abigail Wolcott's breast implants couldn't save this one.

Angie L (mx) wrote: It's a good movie that shows an important historical moment of Cuba.

Steve W (us) wrote: Neil Simon's satire of detective fiction is all over the place, but some solid performances do their best to make up for the unfunny ones. Its Peter Sellers who fails in a racist and bad impression of Charlie Chan. The jokes are sometimes witty, shooting out a rapidfire pace, but its definitely more enjoyable if you know who the detectives are that the characters are lampooning. The seriousness of the climax is thrown out completely, showing that the movie runs out of steam after the death traps. Murder by Death showcases a great cast doing their best, but the script is a bit superfluous by the end.

Julie L (kr) wrote: A thriller Hitchcock-style that has my name

Paul D (mx) wrote: Enjoyable modern-western of sorts despite the fact there's no big laughs in this comedy.

Tuomo T (us) wrote: Viihdyttv Tarzan-seikkailu.

Sharesse M (ru) wrote: i love this movie its one of the best

Jason U (au) wrote: In a way, Jaws created a genre. It established a kind of visual and structural template. And this movie, to an extent, follows it. On the other hand, Roger Corman was shooting monsters coming out of the water when Stevie Spielberg was a wee lad geeking out at the cinema.These Humanoids... They'll come after you, whether you're near the water or not. They'll choke you. Bludgeon you. Bite you. Rape you. But, worst of all, they will get in your trash. Fortunately, the way to stop them is no great mystery. You just shoot them a lot. Of note: The party in the film's small town made me feel more sorry for the citizens than the monster attacks did. This despite a neck-break performance by the elderly outfit known as the Whitewater Boys. Also of note: There's a toddler in a few scenes that is always legitimately upset, and may have been scarred for life.Favorite scene? At the big Salmon Festival, a local radio deejay, Mad Man Mike Michaels is broadcasting live and interviewing "Miss Salmon." (You read that right.) His lines include:"Come on out, folks. We're wavin' at people. We're doin' a whole lotta things." I refuse to believe this was scripted material. This flick is fun! Some nice payoff's when shit gets real in the third act. And, man, you gotta love that ending.