Valentine's Night

Valentine's Night

Valentine's Night is a 2012 Hindi-language romantic thriller film directed by Krishan Kumar and Baadal, featuring Payal Rohatgi, Sangram Singh, Rahul Minz, Neha Thakur in the lead roles. The films music was composed by Astitva-The Band. The film, produced by Kirshan Kumar and Sanjeev Malhotra, was released on February 10, 2012.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Valentine's Night torrent reviews

Terry F (fr) wrote: This is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. A Blair Witch knock off, but poorly done. The only scary part is how long this film lasts.

Johnny R (ag) wrote: Leaving aside the fact that this Anthology is a women driven horror film, directed and written by 4 women, in which, the men, fathers of the story are depicted as bad, unfit to raise their kids with a mother's love, leaving aside the tackling of racism in a one way matter: The white educator and principal are the evil and the Black woman is the poor victim in the last segment...Considering the talents involved, i'm really surprised that this Anthology turned out to be a disappointment on many levels. But the thing that struck me the most as the worse part, during the 2 firsts segments at least, is the use of music. Tense music deserves to be used to announce a threat, therefore, putting an emphasis on the drama of a scene and what's coming next. But in this film's case, the directors poorly use tense music, while failing at making the atmosphere of the scene dramatic in any way. The disappointment when the music stops, with no escalade in the horror, without a threat upcoming screams total fail. They should have taken notes from Rebecca Miller's Personal Velocity featuring Kyra Sedwyck, Fairuza Balk and Parker Posey: A beautiful drama about 3 separated women and their own stories. The tension in this film, for example, easily surpasses any tension you may feel watching the first 2 segments of XX, and this without using music and without being a horror film of course. The music, doesn't add up to anything or even act as a savior in the case of XX, it turns to waste.That being said, my favorite episode, Don't Fall comes to create a bit of tension and terror and is a welcome relief after 2 poorly executed segments. It's just a shame that this episode ends as quickly as it started since despite starting on a slasher clich: Young adults in a deserted area... I would have liked this particular segment to be exploited into a feature length film. Perhaps, make it more about a fight between good and evil. In a short 15-20 mins, Don't Fall sadly ends predictable and lazy. Leaving us hanging and hungry for more.Brief, if you can find Horror Anthologies such as Creepshow, Bodybags, The first season of The Master of Horror series and The splendid The Theater Bizarre, you can sit and watch many great stories compiled into these horror gems. Horror, as the visual and stories are considered, tend to lean towards women. Strong women often become heroes of horror films but in this case, even trying to depict the drama of motherhood and serious problems women face everyday, the makers of XX failed miserably, both at depicting tension, horror and getting a point across. There is the comical element, a sense of satire in the first episode but yet again, nothing over the top, which would have been welcome also screams that any sense of daring is missing.:(

Mike M (nl) wrote: This movie is about gambling addiction. It is gritty and disturbing but then spoilled by a typical copout hollywood ending. It is funny that in "Vegas Vacation" Ethan Embry can't loose but in "Player 5150" he can't win.

Bobby K (jp) wrote: In a style not unlike that of Kubrick or Polanski, Haynes displays a sickness to the twentith century in a clinical way with the touches of a forboding score and Julieanne Moore's proformance.

Louisa T (ag) wrote: I'm glad I found this little gem--I'm a sucker for films with sharp, witty dialogue, and Metropolitan has plenty of it. This exchange in particular had me chortling: Charlie: Fourierism was tried in the late nineteenth century... and it failed. Wasn't Brookfarm Fourierist? It failed.Tom: That's debatable.Charlie: Whether Brookfarm failed?Tom: That it ceased to exist, I'll grant you, but whether or not it failed cannot be definitively said.Charlie: Well, for me, ceasing to exist is - is failure. I mean, that's pretty definitive.Tom: Well, everyone ceases to exist. Doesn't mean everyone's a failure.Gold!

Hindnbrg E (de) wrote: When it was released the Catholic church launched a nation-wide boycott of this film, claiming that anyone who witnessed it had committed a major irreversible sin against God.. Usually, when certain organizations (especially an entire religion) boycotts a film it usually leads to that film in question being a huge success because of the contraversary... In this case, it was an EPIC WIN for the Catholic Church and no one really gave a shit about the movie. It's a good thing to, because this movie is a worthless piece of shit... And I don't mean that because I was offended by the film's subject matter (There's NOTHING one can be offended about) but because it was just a boring fucking movie. Let's bomb France, now.

scott p (au) wrote: My Dad Loved this movie!

Brian C (it) wrote: Pretty decent trilogy starring Karen Black playing roles in each story. The only let down was the zuni doll, but aside from that there was good stories, and really creepy premises.

Rainer K (ca) wrote: Edgar, Edgar,.. you're so right. As you pointed out in the comment section of your review - we'll probably have highly intense arguments about this.A film like this, actually anything that so intensely discusses spirituality, religion and Christianity is a very difficile topic (in this group).I don't really want to engage into a battle with anyone of you at the moment, so I'll try to stick more to the aesthetics and overall style of the film for now.The whole film has a rather distinctive 90s look and charm (or better non-charm). I was reminded of popular supernatural 90s TV shows that looked quite similar to this (although a lot cheaper), only that the special effects work in The Rapture was much better.The presence of David Duchovny even enhanced this feeling (Ironically he wasn't so strongly associated with this kind of media output back then. For today's viewer it's pretty amusing to see Duchovny in such a film - kind of a confirmation).The Rapture begins like an erothic thriller, actually with a swinger party. It's weird, funny and BOOBS!Then, out of the blue, our main character Sharon (played by Mimi Rogers, a practicing Scientologist, lol) becomes superreligious and turns her life around. I didn't understand her motivation or the reason for this radical change (maybe I missed a scene but was there some moment of epiphany or did she just wanted to see the pearl too so badly, that she tried to force her salvation.Well, she becomes a devoted Christian and acts a bit like she's member of a sect/cult (The position of writer/director Tolkin in all this is another mystery for me. Does he want to ridicule faith or is he himself a believer in God?). She converts her boyfriend Randy (Duchovny) to Christianity and they live a happy life with their daughter for the next six years.SPOILER:Randy gets killed though, and that's the moment when it gets really weird but also a bit more interesting.Their daughter, overreacts in her wish to see her daddy again and wants to die (because, well, then she'll see him again, obviously). So her mum takes her on a camping trip to the desert where they wait for god to appear and ascent into heaven. Surprise, surprise, this doesn't work out, so mother Sharon shoots her daughter but then realizes she can't commit suicide because she won't be allowed in heaven (and I thought murder is also a bad thing...).Here, Tolkin should have stopped imo. This would have made a quite fitting end. Sharon killing her daughter and realizing that nothing changed beside the fact that she's a murderer now. But Tolkin wasn't finished yet. He wanted to leave the stage with a bang and thus the film ends with Judgment Day - and Sharon, who can't accept the ongoings of the last few days and lost her belief in God, must stay in purgatory forever.I'm not sure, if I got this all right, I'm not that good with biblical stories either so forgive me if I used some wrong notations. The Rapture seemed a bit ill-conceived. I'm still not sure what Tolkin tries to tell us with his film or even what his position is. It's a weird and sometimes unpleasant watch, ber-spiritual, pretentious and not exactly mindblowing visually.A cheesy, overly dark 90s melodrama, that doesn't really stand out in any category (beside the fact that it's excellent material to provoke a huge fight between Christians and Atheists or people of other religion). I just can't help but getting cynical discussing this.

Marischa B (fr) wrote: This movie seemed like it would be great. Concept seemed interesting and I love pretty much every actor in this movie so how bad could it be? Well, turns out it can be pretty terrible.Firstly it moves so slow. Every scene seems to drag on forever. The movie feels 3 times longer than the actual run time. It's dreary. It's uninteresting. It's hard to care about the fate of any character.Basically if you love a good scary movie or if you love any of the actors in this movie, do yourself a favour and go watch something else. This movie didn't deserve the talent it wasted, don't let it waste your time as well.

Jim A (it) wrote: A boring unfunny comedy without any point or reason to exist. Dan Cook is awful as ever and Jessica Simpson does nothing but stand there and look pretty while unfunny actors make asses of themselves to try to please her

Chris H (mx) wrote: Love Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor in this one. Tom Baker made a great villain in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad. Great Ray Harryhausen animation, and full of adventure.

Private U (ru) wrote: Great movie, the emotions and acting is very believable. I enjoyed both main characters and they have great chemistry together on screen.