In 1926 the tragic and untimely death of a silent screen actor caused female moviegoers to riot in the streets and in some cases to commit suicide...

The film focuses on ballroom dancer Valentino. He manipulated his good looks and animal-like grace into a Hollywood career. His smouldering love making, tinged with a touch of masterful cruelty, expressed a sexuality which was at once both shocking and sensual. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Valentino torrent reviews

javier l (fr) wrote: good movie reminded me of the black swan

JonJames H (jp) wrote: The film's outstanding cast do a very good job of elevating an average script into a likeable watch. Not so much slow as steadily paced, the mixture of dry humor and pathos entertain right through to the end. Think Mike Leigh, but entertaining. Some reviewers complain about it not neatly fitting into a drama or comedy category, but life isn't like that, and films that reflect this will always out perform those that don't. After all you should never go 'full-retard'.

Dani S (es) wrote: This movie is not appropriate for small children. It should not be PG. The "death theme" is prevalent throughout the movie. The main character, a ten year old boy named Billy, is portrayed as dying of cancer, which is too graphic for small children to process. The three boys discover the frozen dead body of an 87 year old man in the snow. Very gruesome. Also, the same character, Billy, is shown drowning at the end and dies (he is brought back to life after 53 minutes). However, visually, this is a terrifying scene for small children to witness. Whoever rated this movie obviously doesn't have children! Ridiculous!

Damien R (ru) wrote: Killer Pumpkin on the lose!

Steven B (ca) wrote: I thought I was nuts!

mode t (kr) wrote: missions complete thats who we are........

Boisram M (us) wrote: quelques bon dialogues mais trop lourd

Paisit B (ca) wrote: DVD, always enjoy the perkiness of Meg Ryan, yet movie is a casual one with no real drama. Already pushing things with 2 stars.

Andrew H (de) wrote: More masterful Loach. People worry that he's such an actor's director that the visual gets left behind. This gives the lie to that accusation.

the n (ru) wrote: This movie is bad. And not bad in that funny kind of way, more bad in a dull soulless kind of way. The only thing that keeps this from being unbearable is a modest special effects budget and some actors doing a decent job.

Kavita D (br) wrote: Sexy, free,edgy, rocking sixtes:we are a boring,wrapped bunch!love this movie:honest and in good taste: where did that fire in the belly go?

Paul W (ca) wrote: film with it all, including the kitchen-sink

HungYa L (mx) wrote: A fun action movie to be honest!

Alex B (gb) wrote: Everyone has a big year!

Rommel B (it) wrote: This movie is one of the best Studio Ghibli films with distribution from Disney. Simply a good movie. GradeA+