Two children in the Viking age find their way into the magical world of Norse mythology.

Two children in the Viking age find their way into the magical world of Norse mythology. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivan J (it) wrote: Sin equivocacin, puedo decir ya con toda certeza y luego de ver Laurence Anyways, que Xavier Dolan es todo un autor en todo el sentido del cine. Es una de las pelculas dramticas ms intensas que he tenido la dicha de presenciar. Luego de Hedwig y la pulgada furiosa, no haba visto hasta ahora una verdadera obra maestra sobre el despertar de la verdadera identidad y del aceptar nuestro yo verdadero. Preciosa y exquisita.

Mark L (br) wrote: horrible terrible awful books, but slightly tempted by awesome cast..

Bishal K (es) wrote: My most fav movie after RHTDM

Mohammed A (br) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Kristin H (ag) wrote: It was funny but not the like laugh out loud and die funny. Just the funny where you you never change your facial expression but still laugh a little on the inside. The only funny part was where the kid pissed in the cup and even that was kind of gross...

Joel A (es) wrote: One the most talked about & commercially successful film of 1955...but I honestly can't see didn't do an awful lot for me. The dialogue wasn't natural at all & in my opinion Kim Novak can't act at all (save Hitchcock's Vertigo)This film has the reputation of such sexual tension for the 50's but it wasn't that tense at all since William Holden & Novak just didn't have the chemistry.This film had a lot of potential, I think with a different director & James Dean in lead (who I believe was considered for the role) you may have had a better film.This has interesting elements & has a few choice scenes but overall it just doesn't work & have naturalism & authenticity it's a little pretentious.

Stephen V (fr) wrote: Mind bogglingly awesome, just like all MOTU stuff. They don't make cartoons like they used to, that's for certain.

Simona (it) wrote: Elvis? See. Told you he was still alive.

Sarah M (ag) wrote: Jim Thorpe was a consultant, but I wondered how much he got to consult or how much he cared about the portrayal. There were some weird stereotypes/generalizations/inaccuracies in there, like Indian characters generalizing each others' languages together under one "Indian language" umbrella.

Jack O (ag) wrote: Snake Eyes! Even though my brother Daniel saw a person who is from Transformers in this piece of sxxt! The opening is boring, but I do like the sound effects and the part where Nicolas Cage says " To give you a br". It's just a boring boring film.

Adam K (ru) wrote: Not just a touching Love Story/Stories, but an experience through life and how one year can change a person's perspective. And a tap into a writers minds.

David M (br) wrote: Even though the majority is highly predicable & the climax lacked a worthy enough "punch", I thought it played out pretty well. Sanaa Lathan is a superb actress & it's a shame we don't see more of her.

Farah R (au) wrote: Mark Ruffalo's performance is the centerpiece of this heartwarming drama. The movie is great in the touching aspects of such a factual story, however there are a few negatives to it as its bleak and can be boring.