Vali - The Governor

Vali - The Governor

Faruk Yazici (Erdal Besikcioglu) is the idealist governor of the Aegean city of Denizli, where a team of engineers from the Turkish Mining Exploration Institute (MTA) have recently ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:istanbul turkey,  

Vali Faruk Yazıcı'nın en son görev yeri Denizli merkezli olacak filmin ana eksenine ise yine bir dünya ve Türkiye meselesi olan "enerji" konusu oturuyor. Bilindiği gibi Yeniçağ dünyasında gizli ve açık bir biçimde sergilenen politik oyunlar-komplolar ve uluslararası ilişkilerin çıkar noktasında enerji meselesi bulunuyor. Filmde, özellikle bu konuda Türkiye'nin ve Türk insanının içine çekilmeye çalışıldığı bir komploya tanık olacağız. Kısacası Vali, Türkiye çıkarlarını koruyup ülke insanlarının menfaati için elini taşın altına koyanlarla, taşları yukarıdan üstümüze yağdıran çıkar grupları arasındaki çekişmenin hikayesini anlatıyor… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob C (us) wrote: Throughout the history of cinema there have been numerous films based around the deadliest and most widespread human conflict in history; they focus on soldiers, civilians and the hundreds of stories in between. But one area seems to have gone unnoticed by the movie-making masses; a view of the conflict from the perspective of the Nazis. Downfall is here to break that mould and in doing so, presents a brilliant and emotive trip through the fall of a dictator.Downfall (or Der Untergang in Germany) is focused on the fall of Adolf Hitler; in the closing days of World War Two the Russians are advancing into Berlin and the Fuhrer (played by Bruno Ganz), along with his most esteemed generals and closest allies in the Reichstag's secret underground bunker are struggling to cope with countless losses and setbacks as a result of the advancing allied forces. Tensions gradually build within the Reich at the prospect of losing the war and impending doom and with this etched into their minds, the last Nazi officials realise that they must act to avoid capture or in other cases preserve the well-being of the German people in the midst of catastrophe. The story unfolds from a variety of perspectives, often flashing between different members of the Reich as they witness numerous events that unfolded in the Battle for Berlin. But the main narrative voice in Downfall is that of Traudl Junge (Alexandra Maria Lara), one of Hitler's main secretaries who stays in the bunker, only to avoid the dangers of the outside world. 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Rob S (jp) wrote: It is surprising how funny To Be or Not to Be actually is. It does not make a mockery of ALL Nazis seeing that the main villain is smart and cunning, but it does make buffoons out of the high command or enlisted Germans who follow orders blindly without questioning the logic behind the orders. The Germans who are fooled are fooled by nothing other than an acting troupe with Jack Benny at the helm, showing the Germans as buffoons who take in information at face value.As the movie begins, the audience laughs at the ridiculousness of the acting troupe performing as the high command under Hitler's third Reich. This comedy is interrupted by a soldier becoming infatuated with Tura's (Jack Benny) wife to the point where he thinks they will have a future together. This relationship finishes setting up the first act, and the audience regains the gift of comic relief when it is the acting troupe who must save Tura's wife and bring down Hitler's high command as their identity is nearly compromised.The humor in the film has a wide range. At times it consists of Jack Benny complaining, but mostly the humor deals with the dramatic irony that the German command is unaware of the acting troupe's true identity. The troupe moves along with its plans with great ease as most Germans take them as fellow Germans and do not see past the costumes. Making the Germans puzzled is almost as wacky as watching a Marx Brothers movie, but it is not exactly the same type of humor since the Marx Brothers deal with rapid-fire jokes and physical comedy such as matching action to make characters believe they are looking into a mirror. In the case of To Be or Not to Be, the actors lead the Germans to believe they are dealing with officials, creating a similar illusion to the "mirror" antics of the Marx Brothers.An interesting notion of this film is that it was made at the time of the war, but does not induce fear of the enemy (Nazis) at any time during the film. Showing that the enemy can be imitated, and that, in fact, Hitler is "just a man with a little moustache," it illustrates how little people had to worry about the enemy at that point in time by portraying the enemy as buffoons, not unlike Chaplin's The Great Dictator.To Be or Not to Be is a great, overlooked World War II comedy, and while it may not be up to part with The Great Dictator, it deserves more attention.3.5/4.0

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