• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:20 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Valkirias 2007 full movies, Valkirias torrents movie
  • Category:Short
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:Spain
  • Director:Eduardo Soler
  • Writer:Eduardo Soler, Javier Hugo Ercilla Stagnaro

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Valkirias torrent reviews

Aaron C (fr) wrote: Like the professors of the dark arts from Harry Potter, the Secretaries of Defense are all villains and keep disappearing mysteriously.

Neferneferuaten N (jp) wrote: there were moments in the film where i had to laugh so much that i needed the pause button. and i usually don't laugh much. only thing that surprised me was the sexual overpower scene near the end of the movie. it seemed inconsistent

kirsty l (jp) wrote: hilarous didnt get to see the end

Walter C (ru) wrote: Bela Lugosi plays a man who strangles the guests of his house whenever he sees his dead wife outside of the window.Not awful but, nothing really worth seeing in this one.

Stefan G (mx) wrote: I've always wondered why critics focused on the supposed political message this film is said to have had four decades ago. By focusing on the film's moral position, I think the critics of their time forgot that films are as much art as they are entertainment, and this film excels both on the level of art and entertainment. The film portrays a detective trying to apprehend a vicious psychopath, while grappling with the orders of his superiors contradicting his own moral instincts. To Dirty Harry, the criminal is as clear as day, but what enrages him is that law is too slow to act. He represents society's latent desire for swift and effective justice without any interference from a middle man. In the dazed and confused time that was the early 1970's, he was essentially a kind of modern cowboy, the ultimate antithesis of what John Wayne came to represent. We can his politics all we want, but he certainly gets the job done, and I actually admire him as a character because of it. In the film, Clint Eastwood delivers what is perhaps the kind of tense performance and implicitly tough persona that distinguishes him as a great actor. The film also manages to realize its seedy setting effortlessly, the end result being a visual representation of what was then the present. Of course, nothing steals the spotlight quite like the raw violence that speaks louder than the film's eponymous protagonist, and it can't be denied that it's always a pleasure to see Clint Eastwood do what he does best. Whether you loved it for its uncompromising attitude, or hated it for its supposed politics, this film will always leave an impression on you in some way or another, and it will most likely be among the most truly raw of cinematic experiences.

Dave L (jp) wrote: If Joel Schumacher is left alone to make a less mainstream, slightly indie film it turns out to be pretty damn good. Exemplary performances from De Niro and Hoffman as you'd expect. Some scenes do feel a little convoluted but there are very few off those and they don't detract from the overall film. It's not a rip roaring comedy but it's funny in places. Especially when the rival drag queens start fighting and they call for some "butch faggots" to break it up

Karsh D (kr) wrote: Truly wonderful film filled with charm and brilliant performances, none better than Rutherfords eccentric medium.