Valley Girl

Valley Girl

Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love. Somehow they need to stay together in spite of her trendy, shallow friends.

Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love. Somehow they need to stay together in spite of her trendy, shallow friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (ru) wrote: This movie is really obviously low budget, and for the most part it's not very good, but it shows promise and I managed to sit through all of it, so that's a start. Better editing and better writing would have served it well. Overall... it's okay.

Sean R (ag) wrote: I thought this was an extremely trippy, hypnotic sci-fi flick. It's a creepy character study and is deftly directed by Yamaguchi.

Lakesha P (fr) wrote: Love you Mike Epps :) See you Saturday @ The Milwaukee Theater.

Conor T (nl) wrote: john candy's last film

Harry S (ag) wrote: This Film Was So So Lame. Not The Lamest Film But Nearly There... An English Terrorist? Rightttt.

Ahmad J (kr) wrote: Loved this movie in my tween years.

Robert C (it) wrote: Let's just say that the film works. Not because it'll live up to your standards of realism, but that it creates its own ridiculous rules and stays faithful towards it.

D M (de) wrote: Linda Blair (looking super-hot), a street-tough high school girl gangs loses her shit when a gang rapes her little sister (Linnea Quigley) and kills her friend. The Exorcist star, after securing a crossbow, proceeds to hunt down those responsible for upsetting her in this over-the-top rape-revenge teen sex comedy exploitation film.

Robert R (jp) wrote: In Bruce Beresford's "Tender Mercies", Beresford adapts Academy-Award Winning Screenwriter Horton Foote's script into a fairly interesting study into the life of Mac Sledge, a recovering alcoholic country western singer. Now, although this movie may be slow at times, the well-acted performances from Tess Harper, Allan Hubbard, and (more importantly) Robert Duvall make this movie that much more intriguing. The movie posesses a winning script from Foote and a surprisingly well-done soundtrack that includes several songs performed by Robert Duvall himself. Interesting to hear him sing, but it is cool to see that he cares a lot about this role. In the end, "Tender Mercies" is a fairly entertaining mood piece.

Joe H (ca) wrote: another video nasty, this is just a bit mad really?!

Shayan S (gb) wrote: Steven Spielberg has been credited a lot for his work on cinema, much like directors like Kubrick, Scorsese, George & many other directors proved in their lifetime just how well high production big action blockbusters could be well done. With Steven's films like Jaws, Indiana Jones, E.T, Close Encounters, Jurassic Park, Duel, and others he's given his stamp on the industry as a whole and has genuinely earned the respect of almost everyone who's worked in Hollywood. But even for the late 1990's, none of that would come close to ever winning him an Oscar despite his films gaining a high traction in pop culture. That was until his nomination for WW2 film: Schindler's List & this little gem that won him his first ever Academy Award: Saving Private Ryan. This film has been UNIVERSALLY praised for almost how close it reconciles in sentimentality and also it's ultra-grey realism of war in both it's setting, characters, and especially the way it's action sequences play out. So much so that I never personally got the time to give it my fullest attention, up until now. And to get to the question out of the way of whether I liked it or not: YES! I LOVED IT! I never thought there could be such an emotional and disturbing war film quite on this scale before, as someone who enjoys history altogether. And I enjoyed my pleasant surprise to find how the minute the film cuts to it's first action set piece (the one most people consider to be one of the best parts of the whole film) It left quite possibly one of the best impressions for the rest of the film from: Fantastic acting from the squad Captain Miller commands including himself, set pieces so tight and well produced it was downright distracting, cinematography from Janus Kaminski that made me just utterly appreciate how dark and unpleasant the setting for our film is, action so well directed and shot it it's kind of insulting as to why more war films don't follow in this type of format MATURELY, characters so well fleshed out and unpredictable, a story very well written (and not shocking since Frank Darabont, my all time favourite old-school writer/directors) and emotionally gripping it made me forget any issues it plagued, the overly r-rated violence used maturely through the film, and is just....overall is so amazingly well executed that I think it ranks up HIGHLY in my favourite films of all time. And while slight issues are present much like in any film, mostly nitpicky and cynical observations, like the odd slow-motion and sometimes often dragged on pace, this is a film to still GO AND SEE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Seeing this for the first time really shocked me in how well executed it would be, and gives me a more genuine respect to Spielberg, as it makes me wish he went back to doing R rated films again like Saving Private Ryan. Score: 9.5 / 10

Serge L (ag) wrote: Not too bad for a tv movie. Good acting. If this wasn't some sort of important person, not sure there would be any interest in it. It goes well with the lost prince or the forgotten prince, the story of his brother afflicted with epilepsy. Meh, inbreeding. The royals solved that problem in the last two generations.

Eric C (ca) wrote: As a completely heterosexual male here is my honest inner quandary with this movie: Naked breasts and nipples override it's somewhat trivial message. Not that being attracted to breasts is bad, but the political sauce here is weak. Unfortunately I think this would be the same conclusion for most heterosexual men. The images of breasts running freely down the street burns through any real message it might have wished for, which might not have been the case if it really had something genuinely strong and resonant to deliver, which it doesn't. So the end result is that it's movie about topless women. What else is new?

Owen B (it) wrote: Excellent - went to the premier last night. I well rounded character driven movie that emotes intelligence and strength. A must see.