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Justin B (mx) wrote: Very entertaining, surprisingly heartfelt and actually quite moving. However, I was kind of disappointed in the lack Deborah Reed.

Sarah J (au) wrote: i have herd that this movie w

Private U (ru) wrote: It's a follow up to Belle de Jour which was really a passionate and of course typical erotic film from Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira. Should be good but modern day sequels are always iffy.

Emily M (fr) wrote: strange very strange..but I liked the actress Monica Cervera..she played a convincing transexual

Jonasvale N (kr) wrote: Came to this movie late. Lacks everything you would watch it for at this late stage-big effects, action, and sci-fi status. Tries to be a drama, but none of the main characters are likeable, so it's pretty flat, and way too long.

Dimitris K (us) wrote: Excellent performances by Parker Posey, Lisa Kudrow and Toni Collete

Alex S (br) wrote: This movie has so many problems. First, it features about every clich you could think of for a mystery/thriller. Second, the title gives away the twist. Third, all the actors do a terrible job. Fourth, there are so many unnecessary scenes that are just gratuitous for the sake of being gratuitous. Fifth, it copies plenty of stuff from Hitchcock movies. Sixth, the script is terrible. Seventh, the ending is terrible. Eighth, the direction is terrible. Everything went wrong with this movie, and while it tries to be suspenseful, it only makes itself more predictable and laughable. Half a star.

James B (mx) wrote: it's not as strong as most ozu films, and I did find it hard to take certain dramatic scenes seriously, me being so far removed from the social context. but it certainly was very enjoyable.


Ethan T (kr) wrote: hart's war is too long and too much charcters.

Paul J (jp) wrote: The "home invasion" horror film stripped down to its bare essentials. What's start out very intriguing with the sadness of a couple, quickly turns to anticipation and dread with the introduction of these "strangers". I like the time the film takes to get going and I love the silences between the two lovers. It explores the feeling of rejection quite truthfully. I suppose there is a bit of a cautionary tale thing going on here: don't take your home and relationships for granted. Liv Tyler does an excellent job and best of all the characters aren't stupid. That said, the problem is after an hour of build-up, there isn't that much of a pay-off. Like Blair Witch Project, the film might work well on first viewing but since the entire story hinges upon anticipation, there really isn't that much mileage out of the film. I like the ambiguous ending but I felt a little cheated. I wish the film dared to go a bit more epic. The last twenty minutes felt too repetitive. Suspenseful, yes. Memorable, no.

Timm S (jp) wrote: Didn't Think Much Of This. Quite A Few Completely Non-believable Way Over-The-Top Bond Stunts, Of Which Some Were Totally Unecessary For Bond To Escape. The Girl He Likes Wasn't Your Average Damsel In Distress & That Also Just Pissed Me Off. I'm Used To Formula..Not The Lame-Ass Try-Hard Inovation Here!!

Wariyawan O (jp) wrote: john wick is the man you send to kill the boogeyman.