Two fraternity pledges go to a sleazy bar looking for strippers to entertain their college friends.

Two fraternity pledges go to a sleazy bar looking for strippers to entertain their college friends. They have problems with transportation, Biker gangs, and worst of all, the staff of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul E (br) wrote: Uplifting and entirely engaging

Vanessa B (fr) wrote: had a napoleon dynamite feel to it, not good but not bad either.

Rachana N (de) wrote: loved this movie... Rahul Bose and Ranvir Shorey totally owned it

Catherine M (fr) wrote: Loved this movie - it had it all; laughs, tears, romance, and PG rated!

Ro C (nl) wrote: "Love makes you do crazy things, insane things. Things in a million years you'd never see yourself do."

Billie W (au) wrote: Another good classic

Kevin R (ru) wrote: I'm a very safe driver.Tia and Tony return to Earth with their magic powers. They are warned to be conservative with their time on Earth, but they go exploring and the brother is kidnapped by an evil scientist with ill intentions for Tony. Tia will work with a group of children to find her bother."My experiments are more important than the law."John Hough, director of American Gothic, Howling IV, Bad Karma, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Incubus, The Watchers in the Woods, and The Legend of Hellhouse, delivers Return to Witch Mountain. The storyline for this picture was average but entertaining but the special effects were very dated and clumsy. The acting was awesome and the cast includes Christopher Lee, Bettie Davis, Kim Richards, Jack Soo, and William Bassett."You want me to break somebody's legs, you just tell me how many parts."I recently came across this on cable and had to DVR it. I enjoyed watching it unfold and was really entertained by Davis and Lee. They played off each other well. I wouldn't say this is a great movie. But it is worth watching once. This is worth a viewing now and again with your kids."You can't be tough and educated too!"Grade: C

Christian B (gb) wrote: Beautiful visuals, great characters, and a lack of shaky cam are all the ingredients necessary for a good action film. Not to mention good set design and holding onto some core elements from the source material makes me wish this movie had a bigger budget so the CGI wasn't as painfully obvious. Overall, a fun time with the positives heavily outweighing the negatives.

Joshua L (ru) wrote: Some of it is die hard funny but not enough of it is. Its a solid effort for a first time director doh.

Jessica L (es) wrote: Funny. Fairly realistic. Obvious ending. Beautiful cast.