Vampire Hunter

Vampire Hunter

Martial-arts dude hunts vampires.

Martial-arts dude hunts vampires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vampire Hunter torrent reviews

Brian C (de) wrote: What looks like another weak attempt to shock you in another lame found footage movie is actually an interesting, intriguing, and though provoking film that fits the times.

Juan S (us) wrote: i really love this movie it's amazing

Ken L (jp) wrote: This awful movie is definitely in my top 100 of the worst movies ever made. I honestly cannot think of a single meritorious statement for this complete waste of time.

Brody M (de) wrote: I love Westerns & I love ICP so combining the 2 was GREAT! With a cowboy with a GIANT foot & another shooting lasers out his eyes, I REALLY expected this movie to suck but I went ahead & bought it without watching it 1st & it was HILARIOUS! If your a Juggalo buy this movie

Kean C K (de) wrote: A good compare and contrast between the life experiences of a mature woman and a teenager. Great dialogues, very enlightenning and sarcasitic. Sexuality is realistically well potrayed as the way it should be. Life is a process of disillussion which I totally agree.

Stephanie S (es) wrote: It's not that funny, the jokes are tired and overall it's a boring movie.

Alexandra K (es) wrote: Wonderfull music, wonderfull cast and a wonderfull story

Mike P (au) wrote: A relic from my time as a huge hoops fan. This drama kind of has a silly premise with Leon's character and his buddy playing hoops on a sky scraper and his buddy falling off to his death haunting Leon enough to quit a promising basketball career. Tupac delivers what I view as his best all around performance. The guy definitely wasn't a hack wannabe actor like most modern hip-hop stars. The intense hoop play and just interesting enough plot is to captivate aspiring hoop fans and entertain most casual viewers despite its absurd premise.

Matthew S (jp) wrote: This is an epic cinematic error. The frustrating thing is that this should have been a great movie. Instead it is painfully bad on all counts.

Jeffrey L (mx) wrote: Maniac Cop 3 starts out well enough. The Maniac Cop gets brought back to life due to some voodoo priest guy (Although no explanation is EVER given as to why this random guy wants to bring the Maniac Cop back to life, but whatever), and then we are re-introduced to the main characters from Maniac Cop 2. Oh, and one thing totally makes this movie better then the previous two: In the opening credits is an actor named Grand Bush. Best name, ever.Other then that name though, this movie doesn't have much going for it. The make-up on the Maniac Cop is the worst of the three movies and looks fake and rubbery, almost like it's a mask. Most of the kills are off screen, and the ones that are on-screen, are bloodless and uninventive ?? mostly just regular shootings, where as the kills at least had some imagination behind them in the other movies. While the first two were definitely R Rated movies, it's easy to see they wanted a PG-13 rating with this one, and I hate movie series' that do that. Robocop is another example of R Rated first and second entries but shitty PG-13 third entry which killed the series. Same thing here.Also, the Maniac Cop is even hardly in the movie. He pops around from time to time at first, to do nothing but spy on the characters from a distance for 5 seconds before moving on,, and he doesn't really pop in for any length of time until over half-way through the movie. That wouldn't be TOO bad if the plot for the other characters were decent, but it's not. One person is laying in the hospital, possibly dying, while the other hopes she gets better. That's it. Insert some pointless non-important dialogue and a 10 second shot of the Maniac Cop once every 15 minutes or so, and you have the entire first 50 minutes of this 75 minute movie. It started to show some promise when the Maniac Cop arrives outside the hospital and looks up at the room with the main characters in it, but then he moseys away to do god knows what and not pop up anymore until later in the movie, where he kills a random person here and there from the shadows. They could have had him smash into the hospital and tear that place apart in a scene reminiscent of the police station attack from the first movie, but they wasted their opportunity horribly, just so they could drag out the boring exposition that this film was already filled to the brim with.Things don't really get any bit good until the last 15 minutes when, in a move directly ripped off from the second movie, which was a move I didn't like even there, the Maniac Cop uses a group of escaped convicts to take over the hospital. It seemed like a 'Lite' version of the exact same scene from the second movie.I say skip this one, even if you're a fan of the series.

Pierre K (fr) wrote: A real delight from start to finish. They knew how to make movies back then!It is funny clever and doesn't take itself seriously while being very well made. Lubitsch was in his own right and I can't recommend this movie enough!For every cinema lover that s a must see!

Tim A (it) wrote: My first Hammer film. Shocking, I know " I should've seen more by now. This being my first time, I was impressed with the period detail and the general atmospherics. I agree with Ingrid Pitt " I too think they could've pushed the boat out more with the gore, but maybe we're just mad for that stuff. :P A fine piece, and I expect to see more like it in the future.

Robert S (au) wrote: A really nice and fun movie I really love this one.