Vampire Party

Vampire Party

Sam, Prune et Alice sont trois amis squatteurs de soirées. Le jour où ils dénichent des invitations pour la très mystérieuse Nuit Médicis, ils pensent avoir décroché le gros lot...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   magic,   spoof,  

Best friends and hardcore partiers Sam, Alice and Prune have scored invitations to 'Medici Night', the legendary VIP bash held every year at a remote castle. But when they discover that ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse W (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this - as a true comic book fan. I appreciate all that went into this and I hope to see more like it. (From BOTH of the big companies. )

John W (us) wrote: Big fan of indie film and thought this was an interesting concept, unfortunately, the execution was terrible and lacks enough substance to support the paper thin story. There really is no plot, the story seems built around supporting an art imitating life imitating art theme, but without any compelling or even interesting arguments presented.

Bryce P (it) wrote: My instincts have always told me that children, teens, and adults have been over-diagnosed and over-medicated with things such as ADD and depression. This documentary takes that instinct and makes it real and scientific. The most shocking part of the documentary is when it is revealed that suicides on these medication occured during testing.

Leondis J (au) wrote: I think everyone should see this.... seriously.

Mikael M (ca) wrote: I think this is a great movie. These things could happen in real life. Its a bit scary if you think that could be a real life story, but happily it is not.

Julian H (ru) wrote: This movie is very powerful towards the child-mind. It shows love, loss, and imagination. WARNING: If you are a very emotional person, this movie may not be the right type for you.

Jamie T (de) wrote: My own political views aside, the puerile, immature kind of activism portrayed here really grates on me. Vincent D'Onofrio does a pretty good job here, but the politics of the story (which are, more or less, its bread and butter) don't appeal to me. Granted, I haven't seen this in a while, but I doubt my opinion would be much different after another viewing.

3568 C (ru) wrote: Easily Will Smith's best performance. A throwback to a time in Smith's career when his success relied upon genuine talent rather than flash.

Nathan T (fr) wrote: this was almost funny, being an eighties action movie...

Danny S (nl) wrote: A favorite of mine. Robards is great as well a great casting!

Jenna I (jp) wrote: Loved it- great premise, fun cast, great soundtrack. I will say I think it's baffling how a movie like this was reviewed so well when every Ken Russell before it got mixed reviews but let's not split hairs I suppose.I loved the sets and the strong sense of humor throughout. The music being genuinely good and listenable also really helps push this movie over the edge into 'brilliant' territory. It's also interesting to see how the cinematography in this, along with De Palma gore, totally helped shape that 80s and especially 90s film style.

SteinErik R (jp) wrote: Enjoyable movie; exciting and interesting mystery movie packed to the rim with some of the most bad-ass actors cinema had to offer at the time. I would call it superior to it's source novel.

James R (ca) wrote: The first in the series of Species is the best one.