The church enlists a team of vampire-hunters to hunt down and destroy a group of vampires searching for an ancient relic that will allow them to exist in sunlight.

Ever since his parents were murdered by vampires, Jack Crow has had one purpose in life: putting stakes through bloodsuckers' hearts. Jack must retrieve an ancient Catholic relic that, should it be acquired by vampires, will allow them to endure sunlight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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daniel esteban h (ca) wrote: una pequea mejora pero al igual lenta actividad paranormal es mejor que su primera pero no es lo mejor

Rick C (de) wrote: It's a hoot, a great knock off of 50's sci-fi "B" movies. Don't take it to seriously, just sit back and have a laugh. Great actors pull this off well.

Adriana A (nl) wrote: Ett tidigare i Libanon och en bister verklighet i Sverige men tyvrr filmen ibland inte har ett bra slut.

Neo A (jp) wrote: Excuse me?! i grew up with this movie! haha

Marta K (ru) wrote: Strange. Especially if one hasn't read the book (which I hadn't) a cross section through the centuries of English history through the eyes of an androgynous, time-less .. "creature" looking for the meaning and his/her own place.

Grant P (kr) wrote: Varjoja paratiisissa is a more jovial and complex film than Tulitikkutehtaan tytt. Where the latter film begins with quick shots of industrial machines in a match-making factory, this film utilizes quick cuts of garbagemen hauling, sorting, dumping bins into a truck. As Criterion has already noted for us, these films focus on the proletariat located within a poor Finnish working class environment. But these works aren't meant to be scornful of them; they are persevering character studies in one way or another.Instead of a singular character, a relationship blossoms between Ilona and Nikander, which eventually turns erratic and turbulent. Thematically, it's an extension of Nikander's initial behavior at his job; at first he is content, then disheartened, isolated, and finally violent. He faces the same cycle with Ilona. Varjoja paratiisissa provides an interesting parallel with their eloping and Nikander's consequential dilemmas (like cause and effect... kind of.) His friend, Melartin, asks "What's keeping you (from Ilona)?" He answers, "Horror, fear, and this job."While music doesn't play as strong a role as it does in Tulitikkutehtaan tytt, songs are still subject to analysis, revealing the same inner sentiments of the characters. Most significantly is the Elmore James record Nikander finds in his truck, which plays "Got a strange kind of feeling my baby don't love me no more."Films in this trilogy (I'll finish with Ariel in the next week) share likeness to the works of Todd Solondz and Jim Jarmusch. Jarmsuch talked about his affection for Kaurismki in Night on Earth, but the darkness of each of these films interestingly finds common ground in Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse.

ramis v (jp) wrote: it is always funny to see an actor like Burt Reynolds play an indian, i always liked the director Sergio Corbucci so i was sure i wasn't making a mistake by buying this dvd and ia did not every one who likes spagethi western should have this one in their collection

Will D (nl) wrote: some interesting scenes here and there. But it overall sucks. Though not as terrible as House of Dracula.

Valentin G (de) wrote: This is pure art, the mix of comedy, drama, romance and poetry makes this one of the best films of the 90's.

Grant H (fr) wrote: Good movie. Now while this certainly lacks in the deep character development of its predecessor, this one still succeeds with its more party vibe, all-out humor, stylish direction, killer soundtrack and solid performances from its cast, especially Glover, Manganiello and Bomer, resulting in a fun sequel.

Tracy A (au) wrote: Cannot go wrong with Tim Allen and this film was funny (hilarious squash scene) heartwarming and left a fuzzy warm feeling at the end. James Belushi was also awesome.