Vampires Suck

Vampires Suck

Becca, an anxious, non-vampire teen is torn between two boys. Before she can choose, Becca must get around her controlling father, who embarrasses Becca by treating her like a child. Meanwhile, Becca's friends contend with their own romantic issues - all of which collide at the prom.

Becca (Jenn Proske), an angst-ridden teenager, is torn between two supernatural suitors: vampire Edward (Matt Lanter) and werewolf Jacob (Chris Riggi). As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas, everything comes to a head at their prom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PieterJan V (ag) wrote: Another bloody pointless sequel!

Brian C (gb) wrote: Not particularly memorable. Could have been great except for the Sith Lord machine at the end.

Carlos G (nl) wrote: The most cliche movie ever created.

Lewis C (kr) wrote: Despite the fact that In Search of a Midnight Kiss was shot with that cheap digital video that I HATE, HATE, HATE, (seriously, I let out an audible sigh every time I realize that the movie I'm about to see uses it) I found it to be pretty enjoyable. Refreshing, even. It's a tale of loneliness, Los Angeles, and New Year's Eve. Depressed and lonely Wilson puts an ad on Craigslist at the bidding of his best friend, in a last-ditch effort to not be alone on New Year's Eve. The ad is answered by an aspiring actress named Vivian, and the two of them meet and spend the rest of the day in a long, rambling, eventful date that takes them through various parts of Los Angeles. It's actually a lot cooler than I make it sound. Sort of a drama and a realistic comedy, with the ups, downs, joys, and uncertainties of a real relationship condensed into the events of one night. There's genuine chemistry between the two leads, and the whole thing feels surprisingly genuine, if you let yourself get into it. Crappy video aside, this is a movie that I'd recommend to anyone, be they romantic or jaded.

Jonathan K (us) wrote: thoughts:theres not much to it. ?the cinematography is really bad. and the instrumental parts of the soundtrack are cheap. this is a case of style and delivery weakening a decent story. the acting was subpar too. at least in the sense that it looked like acting. real good acting. but still looked liked acting. very simple. a bit melodramatic. sentimental. it's clunky in delivery. and the anti abortion agenda is so strong throughout. it's borderline preachy. but instead of asking universal questions about love and loss to it's audience it just skips right to the pat answers and boxes it up nice in a tidy mushy cry fest.

Victor T (de) wrote: 2006 gave moviegoers some great films, but out of nowhere an indie film took moviegoers by surprise and managed to achieve an insane level of hype for an independent movie: The tragicomedy "Little Miss Sunshine". We follow the Hoover family, an extremely dysfunctional family that consists of a stay-at-home mother, a narcissistic and control freak father, a junkie and sex-obsessed grandfather, a rebellious teenager who doesn't speak, a homosexual and suicidal uncle, and an innocent young girl who dreams of becoming a beauty queen. When the girl is accepted in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty contest, the family begins a road trip. Considering that this was the first indie film I ever saw, I guess that this is a special movie for me as it was the one film that made me realize that cinema goes beyond Hollywood and their big budgets, and oddly enough I remembered several sections of it. "Little Miss Sunshine" counts with hilarious dialog, solid performances that go form hilarious to extremely touching, the ensemble cast is one of the best I have seen on a comedy, larger than life characters that are memorable and each of them have a distinct personality and character arc, a clever script from a then newcomer writer, a plot that is not about the destination (which is just a ridiculously meaningless McGuffin) but about the journey, hilarious scenes, a perfect dramatic dose (there are scenes that will genially make you feel for these characters), a shocking ending that will undeniably polarize audiences (some will find it hilarious, others will be offended), a beautiful family theme that's hidden under well written comedy, a confident direction by directing duo Dayton-Faris, a perfect use of its running time, and the chemistry between the cast is downright incredible."Little Miss Sunshine" is one of the funniest and touching comedies you can find. It is smartly written, confidently directed, and marvelously acted. In my opinion, this is in the top 5 films of 2006 (along with "Children of Men", "The Departed", "Pans Labyrinth", and "Letters from Iwo Jima"). A must see if you love comedies or are into indie filmmaking.

Bela B (br) wrote: Simple as life, sweet as all people should be. Generally not my cup of tea, but liked it anyway.

Nathan C (ru) wrote: This is the best Shrek film and also one of the best Dream works animation of all time. Glad I watched it! I'm very Proud about what happened, puss in boots and the beginning. There Was A Lot Of Funny Moments and that it is not all kiddish.Puss in Boots is one of my most favourite characters in the movie.Score: 9.5/10

Private U (nl) wrote: Alan Parker's almost forgotten gem. First of all the film is beautifully shot, right from the first scene between mother and daughter walking in the field. Also this film revealed a dark almost hidden history freom the usa. I was captivated and utterly convinced by this touching love story. The scene in the station brought tears to my eyes when d quaid put his daughter and wife on the train, oh and i cried at the end too.

Henry W (de) wrote: I don't care how many people love this film I HATE it, one of the worst movies I've ever seen, absolutley no story whatsoever, I was literally praying for it to end.

Robert H (jp) wrote: A cinematic masterpiece. An epic western that spans years that is filmed beautifully and has astonishing sequences.

Donna H (es) wrote: Reminds me of stories from my mother growing up, even though is was a couple decades earlier than her teen years, and she lived on a farm. Still, the movie shared the same family values.

Jack Q (de) wrote: Some decent humour in this but not too much to tickle me completely, average film overall and Ben Stiller playing his usual character format.

Luciano G (mx) wrote: The acting was ok and story was ok for a low budget movie but the fight scenes were very good.... I watched almost every martial arts films that came out and these guys can fight. ...for all fans of martial arts films Die Fighting is definitely one to see...