Vampitheatre is about a touring band whose members happen to be of the vampire variety. The band moves town to town, "harvesting" members of their audience to satisfy their bloodlust. Unknown to the band, they are being pursued by an FBI agent intent on finding out why fans of a certain band called "Theatre Peace" keep disappearing. The agent finally catches up with the band, working through the bands manager and record label, only to find herself in a netherworld of danger when she finds out just how far and wide vampires have penetrated into modern society. This is not your grandfather's vampire movie. If you can imagine "Dracula" with a healthy dose of "Spinal Tap", then you have your finger on the pulse of this film.

"Vampitheatre" is about a touring band whose members happen to be of the vampire variety. The band moves town to town, "harvesting" members of their audience to satisfy their bloodlust. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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SharonRose M (it) wrote: Amazing movie, fun for the whole family!I highly suggest everyone watches this heart-warming film.

Sharlene Pretty C (it) wrote: This movie was heavy, it's a good movie on if ur looking for relationship advice on how to treat ur man. lol!!

Marnie Z (ag) wrote: I made it 9 minutes in to this movie before turning it off. Totally f*^#*ed up - child abuse in my opinion.

Trevor L (ag) wrote: Creepy as all get out. Very moody, suspenseful Japanese thriller.

Jason A (jp) wrote: "It's okay- we don't work together anymore." "Do me a favor- call me Alex." "I'm a little insulted, sir... This is a funeral!" As far as REEAAALLLY bad DTV movies, this could be one of the crowing jewels of the artform- right up there with 'Future War,' 'Samurai Cop' and 'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.' In all seriousness, this could be the new 'Plan Nine from Outer Space.' Former WWE superstar (and current TNA headcase) Kurt Angle shines in one of the most hilarious roles as Brad Mayfield, a guy with a penchant for disguises who also likes to kill strippers while doing them doggystyle and asking them repeatedly: "you want me to make you cum? Huh?" Jenna Morasca (who was in TNA with Angle at the time) plays a stripper who doesn't strip, and a bunch of other borderline retards also rise to the occasion with acting and production values a little below that of higher budgeted porn. Kudos to Angle for not taking a typical tough guy wrestler-turned-actor role, but this is beyond his range. And that is a very good thing for all of us bad movie lovers. Viva Buffo the clown!

Gilson S (kr) wrote: Didn't know all the details about this legend. It's a must watch for golf lovers.

Brett B (ag) wrote: This film feels so dated, yet also full of retro stuff that now gives it a fondness it was never meant to have. A low budget affair focussing on character relationships and difficulties of teens becoming adults up in a urban less well off area. Paul Nicholls is pretty good as the lead and has a moral backbone that the others lack. The plot sort of meandered, but was an easy enough watch.

Nick M (de) wrote: The movie sets up characters that you love and care about... And then does nothing with them. In the end you are left with nothing to remember but great performances and an over bearing soundtrack.

Hayden G (it) wrote: Has flashes of Scorcese, but with more sincerity.

Art S (nl) wrote: Largely lets the music speak for itself...and what complicated music it is! The film briefly charts Thelonious Monk's rise from Coleman Hawkins sideman to leader in his own right and lavishly offers us concert footage from the late 1960s. A few talking heads tell us about his probable mental illness (sounds like bipolar) but we do not get to know the man through his own words, as he seems mysterious and not interested in talking for the camera. If you haven't checked Monk out, you really should.

Eric D (jp) wrote: Aimlessly combines every conceivable form of symbolism in its childish haste to be allegorically profound, achieving only unwatchable drivel tinged with narcissism and misogyny. My only consolation in watching this movie was knowing I would never have to see anything this dreadful ever again.

Miguel R (ca) wrote: Boasting awesome animation, Chicken Run is an underrated animated picture with humor and heart well put together

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Dreamcatcher is a decent film. It is about friends who are on a camping trip discover that the town they're vacationing in is being plagued in an unusual fashion by parasitic aliens from outer space. Morgan Freeman and Thomas Jane give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Lawrence Kasdan did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama.

Jay J (gb) wrote: The movie isn't all that great, it isn't horrible but the animation just feels so lazy and mushed together. Comparing this animation to the previous ones just shows how little effort they put into this film. I hope to god they do not make another one of these, If it's as lazy and horribly animated as this one than I won't waste money on seeing it.