Vampyros Lesbos

Vampyros Lesbos

An erotic horror tale about a vixen vampiress seducing and killing women to appease her insatiable thirst for female blood.

An erotic horror tale about a vixen vampiress seducing and killing women to appease her insatiable thirst for female blood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Vampyros Lesbos torrent reviews

Ariday B (au) wrote: The movie is truly funnier if you are a fluent in Spanish and understand the Spanish slang terms.

Ethan H (es) wrote: Never have the words 'think before you act' been so true.

Mee H (es) wrote: Crocodiles as pets???? -_-"

Moralinda M (nl) wrote: i love the story, i wish i had an angel too :)

Sgt C (kr) wrote: (50%)A better than most early Blaxploitation flick that is really quite funny in places and the two leads are good fun, but the film grows a little tiresome and I found myself caring less and less as it went along. Fans of this type of thing should give it a go.

Steve B (nl) wrote: Not a useful movie in my belts of weaponary. Some nice location shots and atmosphere. Almost a brochure for a skiing holiday and what could be included. Girl meets boy, boy meets girl scenario as 'Kim' gets a job as a 'Chalet Girl' or servant to a well-off family staying at the chalet. Been an avid skateboarder, Kim learns to snowboard, overcomes her fears and demons, enters a competition and makes an impact. Really annoying chalet girl partner but fair do's I think she's meant to be this way.

Chris S (gb) wrote: Very interesting concept and pretty good, but slightly flawed.

Tim S (kr) wrote: Discovering the work of Alejandro Jodorwsky's work is endlessly fascinating to me. At once he is an artistically-driven filmmaker who is uncompromising, which is where Jodorowsky's Dune comes into play. The legendary film project from the mid-1970's that eventually lead to the creation of Alien is an absorbing and moving look at something that might very well have changed the game in Hollywood if it had gone forward. On the one hand, it could have been a well-reviewed film that the public endorsed, but I have a very sneaking suspicion that it would have been Heaven's Gate before there was a Heaven's Gate, crippling an industry of filmmakers earlier on, meaning that many of the blockbusters that came later would not have come into existence. However, that's just my opinion. I think this is a terrific film about a film that could have exceeded our imaginations but not necessarily captured our wallets.

Ramis R (de) wrote: Worse bad acting stupid movie.

Alan U (nl) wrote: si, acepto que esta es la pelicula mas cheesy q tengo en mi coleccion, pero solo porqe uno de mis sueos es ir a la isla de santorini en grecia y esta pelicula me ofrece la posibilidad de viajar visualmente hasta alla por ahora :Pla cinematografia es buena, mas no excelente pero cumple su cometido.