Vana mees tahab koju

Vana mees tahab koju


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1991
  • Language:Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Vana mees tahab koju torrent reviews

Sidney Magno N (jp) wrote: Nem a filha do Hulk Hogan conseguiu salvar o filme kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Armando B (ag) wrote: This 3rd installment of the Open Season movies has,gone bad,the first one is the best of them all no doubt. This one was kind of disappointing and it seems that just every sequel is going to get worse. So for this being one of the worst third parts from my part,I know for the kids they are going to like it alot, but from my part I give "Open Season 3" a D.

Jason P (ag) wrote: Solid film with a gritty action and humor

Jeannie J (fr) wrote: Excellent documentary chronicling the rise of Mac and how it has revolutionized the world. Highly recommend.

Jarrod R (us) wrote: Enthralling, clever....4 Uncle Owens

Jeff H (ag) wrote: Cheesy, and not the best we've seen from Disney Channel. C-

Dustin D (de) wrote: Rodriguez's El Mariachi trilogy rounds out with this minor epic. The pace is relentless and the story convoluted, but the set pieces are characteristically inventive, over-the-top and fun.

Isaac H (jp) wrote: By the end, the children are fleshed out and endearingly likable, and their opinions are eye-opening and well realized by the filmmakers. Unfortunately, Promises is undone by a bloated running time and a over-dependence on dull interviews and voiceovers.

Ramon E (jp) wrote: Great movie showing us how ordinary people can change so drastically for better or worse in the face of war.

Arthur R (br) wrote: Another fascinating installment in the series, but its hampered by the reluctance of the director to explore deeper subject matter.

James C (de) wrote: Mild amusement with elements that many people who work in an office would relate too, jobsworths, useless managers, crap printers etc.. mumbling guy was boring and in it too much. could/should have been better given that the core story is good

Private U (kr) wrote: One of the many reasons the 1980s sucked. Nobody seems to be able to match shirt with pants.

Roy O (nl) wrote: Very touching story especially in its simplicity. Some light and some very deep moments that leave a mark.

Matt R (fr) wrote: With the Horror talent bonded in its confines like director Tobe Hooper, actress Angela Bettis (from the stunning "May") and even some smaller rolls like Juliet Landau and Sheri Moon Zombie, okay that last one is a stretch, "Toolbox Murders" should have been a shoe in for good low budget Horror. Too bad for most of the film it feels like amateur hour rather than the sleek slasher it should have been and its cheesiness and nonsensical plot leaps tend to bog it down.Nell and her husband just moved into an old apartment complex as he establishes an medical residency there at a hospital close by. Too bad the apartment they moved into is having some troubles with a supposed cursed history and residents that are disappearing (read: being slaughtered) by a mysterious man that kills them with tools from the toolbox. Now Nell has to solve the mystery and stop this supernatural killer before he gets to all of them.Tobe Hooper hasn't been the same guy for years as a director and "Toolbox Murders" is just one more misstep added to his recent resume. Although he is one of the few saving graces for this poorly acted and written pseudo-remake with some clever shots and slick camera work, he still seems to be missing a few things that were needed to get this baby off the ground. It seems like more often than not he was battling some seriously poor supporting cast, oddly plotted script, and obviously low budget to give us his best.The biggest hindrance to this film actually working as it should have, is its rather nonsensical script. Things in this movie happen a lot that never make sense. Most of the supernatural elements are very poorly explained and when they are, are done with such cheese that its easily looked over (he was born from his mother as she lay in her casket? What the fuck does that mean? Why is that relevant?!). Anything to do with the killer seems filled to the brim with cliche's and never makes it out of 'slap the forehead in disbelief' zone like how he leaps through a window in an apartment at one point when the window is six stories up. More often than not when you watch this film you'll curse your own logical reasoning for ruining these moments for you."Toolbox Murders" is one of those films that easily should have and could have succeeded with the talent it had, but succumbs to a poorly thought through story and script and some awful acting from most of the cast. There are tons of details that never seem realistic and even the supernatural side of it is poorly developed. This is one film that its okay to skip on, in my opinion.BONUS RANT: One of the foundational plot points in this film is that the killer lives in these blank spaces within this building that are big enough to house entire rooms. One of the other foundational plot points in this film is that the building is undergoing renovations. Yet NO ONE, NOT A SINGLE SOUL looked at those blue prints (that Nell later on easily figured out) and saw that and made mention of these blank spaces? Really?

Bruno V (us) wrote: Second time seeing this exiting movie , glad i bought Taken 1,2 and 3 ...SOMDVD