Vanakkam Chennai

Vanakkam Chennai

Tricked by a fraudster, Ajay and Anjali are forced to stay in the same flat. They gradually warm up to each other and start getting romantic notions but the arrival of Deepak, Anjali's fiance, puts them in a dilemma.

Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon P (nl) wrote: As brilliant as the title suggests!

Alex H (br) wrote: It has been a while since I saw a 'five' star film, but this one got it. It reminded me strangely of the film 'Hoop Dreams', simply because I kept trying to decide if this was a documentary or a drama.

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Paul D (fr) wrote: The murder-horror stories are not that interesting, although the best one comes first so it's as strong as start as the film can get. Orson Welles in the last story is also good value with his character.

Griffin W (fr) wrote: A fantastic parody of reality TV with convincing camera work that makes the mockumentary elements extremely convincing. The voice-acting is superb (featuring Napoleon Dynamite himself Jon Heder as a chicken!! That will never not be awesome!) and the animation is beautiful. Though the plot can be a bit predictable and the overall premise is sort of recycled, the style and characterization is so great that that doesn't hinder the quality of the movie too severely. Surf's Up is one of my favorite animated movies and is one of e more unique animations that you'll see, it's "Great!"

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