Mohanlal plays the role of a police officer, Unnikrishnan, who is sent to track down s dangerous criminal played by Nedumudi Venu. Along with his friend (played by Mukesh), he performs surveillance on Nedumudi Venu's daughter who lives in a flat with her aunt, to gather details on the whereabouts of her criminal father. The rest of the story is about how Unnikrishnan gets to the criminal.

Two cops tries to capture a jail-broken felon, a psychopath who seeks revenge on his adversaries, while one of the cops falls for the felon's daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter M (ag) wrote: just could not get over that the USS Iowa is fighting for its life...and when captain (Mario Van Peebles) sees his girlfriend get injured...he actually LEAVES the bridge in the middle of combat to see if she is ok....are you kidding me!!?

Lee M (au) wrote: It's adorable. It's also very thin.

Rob A (nl) wrote: The things I will watch with my wife (and for my wife)...... Not my type of movie....

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Hulk Vs. is a marvel comic release featuring two cartoons Hulk vs. Thor and Hulk vs. Wolverine with the latter being the better of the two. In Hulk vs. Thor we find Hulk in the world of Asgard where Thor's brother Loki is using the green monster to take control of the world. Hulk vs. Thor is decent comic book fare but nothing overly impressive. Hulk vs. Wolverine is the better of the two cartoons and really gives fans of this genre their moneys worth. I am not a huge fan of comic book movies (let alone cartoons) but enjoyed Hulk vs. more than I thought I would. Hulk vs. Thor isn't one I would watch again but I really enjoyed Deadpool's humor in the superior Hulk vs. Wolverine. Taking the two films as seprate entities I would give Hulk vs. Thor 2 stars and Hulk vs. Wolverine 4 stars thus giving the feature a 3 star average.

Marius L (de) wrote: Ekstra stjerne bare p grunn av kul tittel.

Tsukasa A (kr) wrote: t's an entertaining Korean comedy.

Ben R (nl) wrote: I was on board for the beginning of this movie, looking forward to seeing how the pieces fit together. There was a little light tinge, mostly generated by the quirky score that lent the movie a sort of strange, supernatural feel. Unfortunately, the score is probably the best thing about this movie, that and the acting.You know what Ben can't help but like? Movies with weird connections between people, or narratives where one thing unexpectedly triggers another thing, or where the viewer later finds out the crazy reason why something earlier happened. You know what Ben doesn't like? When so much weight and unnecessary emphasis is put on these connections. As much as I'm fascinated by the idea of people's lives interweaving in strange and surprising ways, movies like this and Crash seem to put a lot of emphasis on it in hokey and uninteresting ways. After a while, it's not surprising anymore to see little connections. It has to be understated to be compelling, and this movie isn't understated.There are some moments of levity in the movie, especially in Alan Arkin's segments, but they're very few and far between, and somehow they never feel bright enough to lighten the heaviness of the other dark things going on. Around halfway through the movie, it occurred to me that there wasn't much I actively liked anymore besides the music, and in the second half, the movie just settles into this kind of slog that I didn't enjoy very much.Probably my least favorite thing about this movie is how the themes are completely lacking in subtlety. The characters say exactly what they think about life and happiness, and none of the opinions are that revolutionary. Life is essentially godless and random? People affect each other? Time works in weird ways? I don't know, maybe I'm missing some hidden brilliance in this film, but everything seemed so dour and blunt to me. That scene with John Turturro finding out his student committed suicide was laughably bad. I can't be the only one that found it funny, can I? Was I supposed to be genuinely affected when I watched John Turturro stare into the distance in horror at the fact that some student killed himself just because he didn't let him redo his essay? So over-sentimental. Same with the scene with Beatrice telling her friend about how everything is random and things just happen. This movie was the definition of telling instead of showing.It would've helped if any of this felt natural. Some of it does; Matthew McConaughey is a really good actor, and some of his segments were emotional, like when he cut open that spot on his head again in shame of what he did. But John Turturro, who's generally a good actor (from what I've heard), couldn't help but sound so scripted in almost every line he spoke. No character was ever hesitant about anything. It was just boring monologues, all in the abstract. Most of this movie, I was just rolling my eyes.

Hameh S (fr) wrote: a great family movie for religion but not as good as prince of Egypt its about a boy named Joseph who his dad thinks is a miracle child and his brothers are jealous of him so they do bad things to him he also can tell what dreams mean that's all I'm going to say GRADE A-

Benjamin F (fr) wrote: Sort of under the radar, Treasure Planet is a great space adventure with likable characters and a moving story. The animation is fantastic and it has a warm Steven Spielberg feel to it.

jake b (br) wrote: Mystery Science Theater 5 star treatment!

Johnny B (ru) wrote: Surprisingly a lot of fun.

Ernie M (ag) wrote: Yahoo Serious... wow, another blast from the past. I haven't seen this movie in couple decades (ouch, I'm getting old), but I do remember laughing throughout the movie, though I'm pretty sure that it really wasn't that good of a movie.

Christopher S (nl) wrote: Not good, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. I'd rather call it The Alex Sablo story as he looks so much like Cryer. Sorry Sabs!

Dylan K (gb) wrote: rambo is one of my favorite action heroes. he can beat the tar out of a bunch of corrupt policemen and still avoid killing. if he isn't the greatest action hero he certainly is the most honorable even if the sequels decided to make him a killer much to my dismay.

Jack G (jp) wrote: There's some truly remarkable sequences here, and Kingsley is brilliant. I wish it took just a few more chances though - while the scope has some breathtaking parts, it's still fairly by the numbers, if occasionally heartbreaking and encouraging for the human spirit.

Karsh D (mx) wrote: Sports agent has some moral issues to attend to. Wish Cuba gooding would remember to pick and choose his films better as has appeared in more dross than most.

Tommy D (fr) wrote: As Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris never gave me weird feelings about portraying other roles than Marshall, Lili and Barney, I have always had struggles seeing Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders being anything different than Ted and Robin.But this time Radnor's performances really had its own personality and the whole movie was a genuine and fresh experience, thanks also to the good performances from the rest of the cast.

Brandon M (it) wrote: ok FIRST OFF NOT AS SCARY AS SOME PEOPLE MADE IT SEEM LIKE IT WOULD BE!! It had a FEW moments (like one or two) and the alternate ending on the DVD is creepy. This movie starts off VERY SLOWLY, but small things eventually happen. One thing that kept annoying me about the movie/characters was the couple's REFUSAL to turn on lights and just use the camera light; who does this, honestly? Also, for those of you that believe it THIS IS NOT A REAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! it even says at the end, and why would a real movie have 3 DIFFERENT ENDINGS!! I feel that Katie was the only one who had the most depth; Micah seemed like a jerk at times, and was poorly characterized and I just didn't feel that he was "real". Even the psychic was poorly developed (even though he was only in it like total of like 7 min). I do, however, like how they didn't actually show any ghosts, just what was happening; that gave it that extra edge and added a SLIGHT factor of creepiness. It was also cool to see the night shots and wonder what was going to happen, but sometimes disappointing when it was just simply a small noise. Some of the "tricks" are awesome editing/camera trickery and makes ya wonder how they were done (can't tell you without giving parts away). It also would have been little bit better to see more day shots, or see their breakdown more during the day (hard to explain what exactly I mean). All in all, DEFINITELY not the scariest movie, and not as scary as everyone made it out to be.

Miguel R (au) wrote: Shakespeare in Love is a delightful, smart, and witty romantic comedy!